The Women's GAYP Match

Jan Mortimer

Amangul Durdyeva

Jan Mortimer of New Zealand has challenged Amangul Durdyeva of Turkmenistan for the Women's World GAYP Checkers Championship.  The match will take place this April or May.  Jan is asking for donations to help with expenses.  She is suggesting that all checker players interested in promoting this important event to send their donations to Wilma Wolverton, 8505 S. Karr, Grain Valley, MO 64029.  Jan is offering copies of the games to each donor.

   From what I understand from the WCDF, Hoja Durdyev is currently negotiating with the Turkmenistan government to hold our match in Avaza on June 15th.  He is promising it to be one of the best run events in checker history!  I have accepted, and I'm waiting the details of the match. Jan Mortimer of New Zealand wrote in ACF Forum, Monday April 20, 2009 9:06 PM

Alex Moiseyev reported on ACF Forum Wed, Apr 01, 2009, 9:02 AM:
I've got yesterday email from Hoja Durdyev. He told me privately that he got an agreement with Turkmenistan government and Sport Minister who will sponsor this event and raise cash prize fund up to $12,500.  Regards, Alex

The latest on this Women's World Freestyle Championship Match.  Hoja Dudeyov submitted a bid on the closing day of August 2008, out bidding Jan Mortimer's legitimate bid which was accepted over Jan's by WCDF.  To date (March 2, 2009) no dates, no venue, no prize fund amounts, no plane tickets & other accommodations, no nothing?  It was supposedly to take place in Turkmenistan as oppose to Invercargill, New Zealand.

Its time for WCDF to set a dead line, forcing the organizer/promoter to perform.  Provide proof of the above requirements and openly and fairly communicate with the contestants.    Read More on ACF Forum 

This has the same protocol WCDF experienced with King' promoters.  There is no different from the kinds of delays and double-talk that eventually resulted in Ron King's title being removed. If a titleholder cannot arrange a match to the reasonable satisfaction of all parties, the challenger's bid should win out. Jan Mortimer should be crowned the Women's World Freestyle Championship!  

Amangul Durdyeva of Turkmenistan may challenge Jan Mortimer of New Zealand at a later date within the guidelines set forth for a reigning champion to adequately prepare for a world title match.  For that matter, anyone qualified may challenge.  This is an important WTM and I'm eager to see it played. 

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