APCA 44TH Annual National Tournament Results
Durham, North Carolina July 12-15, 2010
Hosted by the Bull City Pool Checkers Club, Inc.

 Blue Ribbon – 16 Players
 1.William Wilkerson (94) – Bull City $280
 2. Kenneth Jones (92) – Bull City $210
 3. Robert Firstlink (78) – St. Louis $200
 4. Jack Wilson (*76) –Bull City
 5. Ernest Lipscomb (*76) – Bull City

 Gold Bar – 18 Players
 1.Michael Weaver (88) – Capital $325
 2.Ronald Jackson (72) – Macon $230
 3.Joe Thomas (*62) – St. Louis $110
 4.Howard McLeod (62) – Bull City $110
 5.Elliott Eley, Sr.(*60) – Kansas City
 6.George Evans (60) – Bull City

 Jr. Master – 13 Players
 1.Tony Simuel (68) – Capital $350
 2.Chester Harris (*62) – Bull City $235
 3.William Small (62) – Piedmont $235
 4.Arthur Bell (*60) – Chicago
 5.Rufus Watts (60) – Piedmont

 Master – 12Players
 1.Tim Moore (52) – Bull City $500
 2.Carlise Lesane (*50) – Piedmont  $365
 3.Rubin Hollins (50) – Piedmont $365
 4.Fred Shurn (44) – Chicago
 5.Marshalll Hill (42) – New York

 Top Master – 13 Players
  1. Alfred Barnett (*64) - Atlanta $1,000
  2. Calvin Monroe (64) - Atlanta $1,000
  3. Al Lambert (62) - Chicago $640
  4. Don Jackson (50) - Macon $610
  5. Ishmael Evans (*48) - Bahamas $300
  6. George Robinson (48) - Toledo $300
7. Joseph Wilson (*46) - Memphis
  8. Kim Williams (46) - Capital
  9. Michael Jordan (42) - Atlanta
10. Keith Goodman(40) - Atlanta
      * Indicates Tie Breaker

  Clubs Represented in Tournament  
  Bull City (Durham, NC)
  Capital (Washington, DC)
  Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta (Georgia)
  Houston, Midwest Ohio
  Piedmont (Winston-Salem)

  Macon, Memphis, and St. Louis players were non-affiliated

  Trophies were given to each of the
  players named here. Money was
  given to the top five in Top Masters
  and top three winners in other Divisions


Scoring can be viewed for all players on the APCA website: http://americanpoolcheckers.us

There was sentiment to go back to the old pay out pattern of 10 in the top masters and the first five winners in all the other divisions. The Board tied on that proposal and will have to decided the issue before the next tournament. You can see by this pattern the winners got substantially more money.

Total Players this year-72 2009-DC(73) 2008-Chicago(64) 2007-Memphis(82)

Obviously the 4 day pattern worked. So the Columbus 2011 tournament will continue that pattern. Bull City was Team Champions with 38 points. Bull City was also registration champions with 20 players. The money purse was $7,365.00 including $330 given my Drs. Ervin and Bernice Smith to raise the top winners share to $1000 each.

Players are encouraged to pre-register for all tournaments on the Association Web Site. A form is now available for that purpose: http://americanpoolcheckers.us

The board tied on a motion to return to the traditional payout of 10 places for top masters and 5 places for the other divisions. Discussion needs to continue on this issue until a resolution is obtained before the next tournament. The consensus was that we would continue with the 4 day format until an increased number of players dictates an additional day.

The following officers were re-elected for a two year term: Tal Roberts-1st Vice President, John Curtis-Assistant Secretary, Roger Blaine-Treasurer, Stoney Burke-Director of Public Relations and Jacob Carter-Sergeant of Arms.

The Host City for 2011 will be Columbus, Ohio and 2012- Atlanta (Georgia)

The Midwest Ohio Club is presently seeking a host hotel in Columbus.

The Association owes a great debt of gratitude to Bull City for putting on a great tournament. The club devised a great division of labor that worked to the maximum effect. There were activities for the women and children. The banquet entertainment was outstanding. Much teaching by Clarence Gooche. A marvelous host hotel with great accommodations. And a nearby mall that offered significant shopping opportunities. They indeed raised the bar. Thanks a million.

Dr. Ervin Smith and Dr. Bernice D. Smith will complete their terms as President and Secretary at the Columbus tournament in 2011. It has been a wonderful life experience for both of us to be in service to so many great players and their families and friends. The discussion needs to begin today on their replacements as they get ready to pass the batons. It would be good if the association can come to a consensus on the new officers well in advance of the next tournament. We will do what we can to pass on the basics to our successors so that there can be a smooth transition of leadership.

Raffle Winners Were:

1. Tal Roberts (DC) - $50
2. LaTonya Snowder (301 AC) - $50
3. Ola Kidd (Newark, NJ) - $50
4. Addie Shurn (South Bend) - $50
5. James Garner (Durham) - $100
6. Zelma Solomon (DC) - $200
7. LaTasha Goody (Durham) - $500

Quitman Caldwell of Neward, NJ has proposed that we offer a reward to the player selling the most raffle tickets. I agree with that. Please start selling your tickets as soon as you get them and sell as many as you can for the benefit of the tournament.

Dr. Ervin Smith, President
American Pool Checkers Association
999 Venetian Way, Gahanna, Ohio 43230  614-353-5549

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