District 5 contains States: Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee - District Manager: Dallas Ramsey

 2010 Alabama Open & District 5  
Malcolm "Fritz" Stancil Memorial 
The 2010 Alabama Open Checker Tournament will be held in Haleyville, AL
November 12th & 13th - Friday and Saturday at Imperial Inn Haleyville
( Usually scheduled 2nd weekend in November )

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Congratulations, IM Larry Keen
1st Place & District 5 Champ

Congratulations, Larry Pollard
2010 Alabama Champion

Congratulations, Mike Choate
1st Place Majors &
District 5 Majors Champ

Congratulations, Gayle Helterbrand
1st Place Minors Champion

Masters:    Player, Rds Opponent T Points (Playing 7 rounds of Swiss, only repair last round, 11/2 hour per game playing 4 rds Friday and 1hour per game playing 3 rds Saturday)
 1. Davis, Frank 9T2 8T5 10T6 2T9 5T11 7T13 6T15
 2. Gober, Wayne 6T2 3T5 4T7 1T8 7T11 11T14 4T15
 3. Hallmark, Clyde 8T2 2T3 6T3 BT6 9T7 BT10 BT13
  4. Keen, Larry 5T2 6T5 2T7 11T9 10T13 9T15 2T18                   1st  and 2010 District V Champion 
  5. Kelley, Harvey 4T2 9T6 11T8 10T10 1T12 6T14 9T17              2nd
  6.Little, Roy 2T2 4T3 3T7 7T9 11T11 5T13 1T15
  7. Pollard, Larry 11T1 BT4 8T7 6T9 2T10 1T12 11T14                              2010 Alabama State Champion 
  8. Ramsey, Dallas 3T2 1T3 7T4 9T5 BT8 10T11 10T13
  9.Stanley, Teal 1T2 5T2 BT5 8T8 3T11 4T13 5T14
10. Sweatmon, Earle BT3 11T5 1T8 5T10 4T10 8T11 8T13
11. Tucker, Albert 7T3 10T5 5T7 4T9 6T11 2T12 7T14

Majors:     Player, Rds Opponent T Points (Playing 7 rounds of Swiss, only repair last round, 11/2 hour per game playing 4 rds Friday and 1hour per game playing 3 rds Saturday)
  1. Askins, Jerry 13T2 7T5 8T7 14T10 4T14 3T14 2T17
  2. Blankenship, Bobby 3T1 12T2 5T4 7T6 9T10 4T13 1T14
  3. Choate, Mike 2T3 6T6 4T9 10T13 13T15 1T19 13T20       1st   (2010 Alabama / District 5 Majors Champion)  
  4. Daniels, Clifford 5T4 11T6 3T7 6T10 1T10 2T11 14T13
  5. Harben, Roy 4T0 8T0 2T2 9T6 11T6 12T10 12T13
  6. Harvell, Earl 12T3 3T4 7T7 4T8 14T12 11T15 10T17
  7. Hickman, Leonard 9T2 1T3 6T4 2T6 8T10 14T12 11T12
  8. Mays, Shelby 11T0 5T4 1T6 13T6 7T6 withdrew
  9. Persell, Foy 7T2 10T3 13T3 5T3 2T3 BT6 BT9
10. Powell, Harvey 14T2 9T5 11T9 3T9 12T13 13T15 6T17
11. Shultz, Ken 8T4 4T6 10T6 12T7 5T11 6T12 7T16
12. Smith, JR 6T1 2T4 14T5 11T8 10T8 5T8 5T9
13. Steelman, Lynn 1T2 14T3 9T7 8T11 3T13 10T15 3T18     2nd
14. Williamson, Ted 10T2 13T5 12T8 1T9 6T9 7T11 4T13

Minors:     (3-Move Round Robin thru 5 rounds then last two Swiss, 11/2 hour per game playing 5 rounds Friday and 1hour per game playing 2 rounds Saturday)
1. Atkins, James 2T0 3T0 BT3 6T4 4T5 BT8 BT11                  5th
2. Helterbrand, Gayle 1T4 5T8 4T10 3T14 6T16 6T16 6T20    1st      2010 Alabama / District 5 Minors Champion   
3. Hughs, Danny  4T2 1T6 6T6 2T6 BT9 4T11 4T15                3rd
4. Jones, Elbert  3T2 6T4 2T6 BT9 1T12 3T14 3T14                4th
5. Robbins, Jimmy 6T0 2T0 withdrew after 2nd round
6. Wolverton, Wilma 5T4 4T6 3T10 1T13 2T15 2T19 2T19     2nd

31 Players representing 11States, 15 wives, 2 Grandmothers, with other relatives and friends attended this annual Alabama State event for the 5th continuous year at Haleyville. The Alabama / District 5 Checker Tournament continues to be a popular event on the ACF tournament calendar. One noticeable thing about this tournament was the closeness of players ability and no run-away scores.  Larry Keen of Halls, Tennessee won the District 5 Championship and Larry Pollard of Brilliant, Alabama won the Alabama State Championship. This makes his twelfth Alabama State Title. Mike Choate of Madisonville, TN won the Majors & D5 Majors Championship and Gayle Helterbrand of Cabool, MO won the AL/D5 Minors Division. We appreciate Kelly Cummings, Larry Pollard's daughter for helping with door prizes, welcome bags, refreshments/drinks/fruit, large cooler of drinks, bottle water, catered vegetable & dip platters, an assorted cold cut sandwich tray available throughout our tournament. Haleyville's Mayor Pro-tem, "Bicycle" Richard Bittinger gave tournament players a warm welcome in the opening tournament business meeting.  Rumor has it that Larry Pollard & Company, the sponsor and director of this fine tourney may bid on the ACF Go-As-You-Please National in September, 2011. This would be a wonderful location to have it here in the heart of Southern hospitality and friendliness. This year the Alabama Tournament date fell on the same dates as the Camo Warehouse Sale (Exxel Outdoors Inc.) and a lot of players and wives bought their Christmas. They had a huge inventory of camo hunting apparel, waterproof breathable items, sleeping bags, inflatable-beds, fold chairs, blankets, bib-overalls, 3 in1 parkas, insulated coveralls, tents, Carhartt items & much more. Northwest Alabamian newspaper wrote an articles on our tournament and reported the results.

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