District 5 contains States: Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee - District Manager: Dallas Ramsey

 2010 Alabama Open & District 5  
Malcolm "Fritz" Stancil Memorial 
The 2010 Alabama Open Checker Tournament will be held in Haleyville, AL
November 12th & 13th - Friday and Saturday at Imperial Inn Haleyville
( Usually scheduled 2nd weekend in November )

Larry Pollard announced that the late Malcolm “Fritz” Taylor Stancil will be honored at this year’s event. The Malcolm “Fritz” Stancil Memorial Alabama & District 5 Checker Tournament is a fitting tribute to Mr. Stancil.  He was responsible for getting Larry involved in checkers in the late 80’s and early 90’s.  Mr. Stancil of Hackleburg, Alabama but lived out his last years in a nursing home in Huntsville and died at age 91 last December, here is his funeral memorial pamphlet.

1250 11th Avenue, Haleyville AL 35565 (Special rate $39.95 + tax for DB)
205-486-5205  Russ Patel - Manager    Playing Room is in the Galley Restaurant at 1260 11th Ave. 205-486-9620.
 The Motel and Restaurant are beside each other so its a short walk from your room to the tournament.

See you in Haleyville Alabama - Home of the first 911 call

More about this later!

HBTV 5 & HBTV.us - News will cover this Tournament!

Organizers: Larry Pollard & Dallas Ramsey - Tournament Director:  Larry Pollard, P.O. Box 187, Brilliant, AL. 35548
 Larry Pollard's Car Lot. PollardMotors@Yahoo.com cell: 205-412-3000 or contact Dallas at 334-385-2369 hogeye@pinebelt.net 

MapQuest   10 hours - 580 miles from Greensboro to Haleyville, AL

2010 Tournament Dates RESULTS