2010 District 9 Open
September 19-21 (Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday) at Travelsuites Inn on the Las Vegas Strip

Two Divisions:  A & B

Masters:  1. Ken Shultz, Cosby, TN   2. Anthony Bishop, College Grove, TN  3. Eric Strange, Pueblo, CO  4. Paul Lyons, Atascadero, CA  5. Francesco La Rocca, Brooklyn, NY

Majors:  1. Hector Orozco, Tijuana, Mexico   2. Richard Vanderwerf, Sandstone, MN   3. Steve Graham, Odessa, TX   4. Mel Tungate, Hollister, CA

Congratulations to Ken Shultz for winning the 2010 District 9 Open Tournament
Congratulations to Eric Strange as 2010 Colorado State & District 9 Champion
Congratulations to Paul Lyons as 2010 California State Champion

Gerry Lopez reporting by email:  Due to trouble finding a place to play because of the high prices the usual hotels wanted for a playing room, we had a smaller turnout then usual for the 9th District tourney.  Twelve players were in attendance but only nine entered the tourney.  We separated the players into two groups, A & B.  In the A group we had Anthony Bishop, Ken Shultz, Eric Strange, Paul Lyons and Francesco La Rocca.  The favorite to win was Anthony but Ken Shultz managed to edge him out for first place by Bishop losing to Strange. Strange was third and Lyons was fourth.  In the B group there were four entries Hector Orozco from Tijuana, Mexico, Richard Vanderwerf, Steve Graham and Mel Tungate (a new player from northern California).  Hector a 23 year old with promise came in first in the B group followed by Vanderwerf and Steve Graham.  The Travelsuites Inn which is right next door to Circus Circus was a friendly place to play.  We are thinking of holding the event there next year in the month of October.  The players enjoyed the wonderful free shows at the Circus Circus and are looking forward to the next tourney.  Gerry Lopez ran the event which he and Paul Stein promoted.  Paul found the Travelsuites Inn after much looking around in Las Vegas.  Saturday, September 25, 2010 12:14 PM

Group A - September, 19-21 in Las Vegas, NV - Round Robin by Game
 ID #

  Player, City, State

WCDF # Rating VS. #1 VS. #2 VS. #3 VS. #4 VS. #5 TOTAL

 Ken Shultz, Cosby, TN

101144 1916 -- S1 S4 S4 S4 13

 Anthony Bishop, College Grove, TN

101021 2212 S3 -- S1 S2 S4 10
3  Eric Strange, Pueblo, CO 101331 1951 S0 S3 -- S3 S3 9
4  Paul Lyons, Atascadero, CA 101172 1827 S0 S2 S1 -- S3 6
5  Francesco La Rocca, Brooklyn, NY 101155 1725 S0 S0 S1 S1 -- 2

Group A
Shultz (4) vs Strange Shultz (4) vs Lyons Shultz (4) vs La Rocca Shultz (1) vs Bishop

Total 13*

Bishop (2) vs Lyons Bishop (1) vs Strange Bishop (4) vs La Rocca Bishop (3) vs Shultz

Total 10*

Strange (0) vs Shultz Strange (3) vs Bishop Strange (3) vs La Rocca Strange (3) vs Lyons

Total 9*

Lyons (2) vs Bishop  Lyons (0) vs Shultz Lyons (3) vs La Rocca  Lyons (1) vs Strange 

Total 6*

La Rocca (0) vs Shultz  La Rocca (0) vs Bishop La Rocca (1) vs Strange La Rocca (1) vs Lyons 

Total 2*

*bye not included (use for rating only)

Group B - September, 19-21 in Las Vegas, NV - Round Robin by Game
 ID #

  Player, City, State

WCDF # Rating VS. #1 VS. #2 VS. #3 VS. #4 TOTAL

 Hector Orozco, Tijuana, Mexico

121003 1987 -- S4 S4 S4 12

 Richard Vanderwerf, Sandstone, MN

101014 1845 S0 -- S3 S4 7
3  Steve Graham, Odessa, TX 101178 1682 S0 S1 -- S4 5
4  Mel Tungate, Hollister, CA unrated   S0 S0 S0 -- 0

Group B
Orozco (4) vs Vanderwerf Orozco  (4) vs Graham Orozco  (4) vs Tungate

Total 12*

Vanderwerf (0) vs Orozco  Vanderwerf (3) Graham Vanderwerf (4) vs Tungate

Total 7*

Graham (1) vs Vanderwerf Graham (0) vs Orozco  Graham (4) vs Tungate

Total 5*

Tungate (0) vs Orozco Tungate (0) vs Vanderwerf Tungate (0) vs Graham

Total 0*

*bye not included (use for rating only)

District 9 contains States: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, & Wyoming
District 9 Manager: John R. Gibson

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