2010 Herberger vs Morrison 3-Move Match
Friday & Saturday, September 10th & 11th, Akron, N.Y.

The 20 Game 3-Move Match between John Herberger and Bruce Morrison took place at John's home on September 10th and 11th.  Bruce Morrison won the contest 5 to 4 with the other 11 games ending in a draw.  John lives in Akron, N.Y. and Mr. Morrison traveled to his home, all the way from Montreal, Quebec.  On Friday the 10th, Kenneth Shoesmith from Dundas Ontario, Canada, visited John and Bruce.  Other visitors were Edward Bruch and Edward Schmaltz who are from the Buffalo, N.Y. area.  Mr. Shoesmith had several newspaper write-ups going back 40 to 50 years ago.  Wow, we really had lots of fun remembering the good old days of Checkers.  The prize fund was $140, split 50/50.  Donors were Dr. Richard Beckwith - $20;  Ki and Lois Noll - $50;  Kenneth Shoesmith - $10;  Ed Schmaltz - $10;  and last and not least, Ed Bruch - $50.  John congratulated Mr. Morrison on his victory.  He replied, "I really don't feel that I beat you."  Thank you very much to those who donated.
Very Truly Yours, John F. Herberger 
letter from John Herberger to Darlene Stallsworth, Newsletter Editor: MCA

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