The 105th Illinois State Checker Tournament
Saturday & Sunday - April 10th & 11th 2010
at the Illinois Centre Mall, Marion, Illinois

Photos by Judy Grisley

1st row: Flavious Burgess, Bob Rice, Ramon Dionisio, Jennifer Kelton, Kim Willis, Alex Holmes, Derek Leitner, Alan Millhone
2nd row: Neil Wenberg, Clint Holmes, Larry Keen, Gayle Helterbrand, Michael Holmes, Howard Hoover, Gary Ellison, Earl Kennell
Last two rows: John Grisley, Bill Wethington, Frank Davis, Ken Christian, Gene Ellison, Nick Addante, Roger Blaine, Wayne Gober, and Coy Arnett missing


Michael Holmes vs Larry Keen with brother
Clint watching, 4th Rd.


"Checker Spouse Support Group" catching up on the latest travel news directly after their semi annual lunch.
left to right: Mamie Wethington, MO, Judy Grisley, IL, Susie West, KY, Mary Davis, TN, Maxine Hildebrand, MO, and Shirley
Lerum, TN.  Judy keeps these girls happy by hosting their annual lunches, a couple of excursions, and other activities for the weekend.

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