76th Illinois 101 County Open Tournament
( Usually scheduled 1st weekend in October )

The 76th Illinois 101 County Open Ty will be held October 2nd - 3rd, 2010, in mall in Marion, IL at the Illinois Centre Mall Food Court.
~~~ Notice this is Saturday and Sunday ~~~

Usually held on 1st Saturday & Sunday in October according to Gene Ellison.  Illinois has 102 counties but since Cook County was the Chicago area, with so many strong players they dominated the state checker tournaments and won most everything.  Therefore the down state started their own tournament with the other 101 counties, excluding Cook Co., and hence the name 101 Tournament.  The early 70's the tournament was open to all players.

The Illinois Centre Mall is located west of the intersection of Interstate I-57 and IL State Highway 13 (Exit 54B). Travel west on IL 13 about ˝ miles to enter the mall. The mall is located at the third stop light west of the interstate exit. Turn right at this third light and to the back of the mall toward the Target parking lot. Park in the lot before Target and the door will lead to the food court where we will be playing. The food court entrance is on the north side.

A recommended hotel is the Super 8 Model at 2601 De Young, Marion, IL, phone 618-993-5577. Please indicate that you are there for the tournament to receive a room discount for checker players of $45.00 (single & double) plus tax.  (Normal rate is $47 to $65).  The Super 8 is located off the first light west of the Interstate.   (News Release)

Registration on Saturday begins at 8:00 a.m. with play beginning after a 9:00 a.m. business meeting. There will be four rounds on Saturday and 3 rounds on Sunday; 3-move restriction. Entry fee is $10.00.

For information contact or Roger Doll Sec & Treasure 618-624-3119 erdoll@charter.net  or Gene Ellison, President, IL 101 Tournament at (618) 962-3321, email:  gellison@hamiltoncom.net.

76th Illinois 101  County Open
October 2nd - 3rd, 2010, in mall in Marion, IL at the Illinois Centre Mall Food Court

Class A (honor points in parentheses)
1. Michael Holmes 22, $115
2. John Acker 18, $90
3. Don West 16, $60
4. Albert Tucker 15, $35 (99)
5. Bill Wethington 15, $35 (81)
6. Gene Ellison 14 (95, State Champ)
7. John Grisley 14 (93)
8. Gary Ellison 14 (78)
9. Arthur Mays 13
10. Flavious Burgess 11
11. Byron Woolum 9
Class A played 3-Move, 7 rounds of Swiss pairing

Class B (round robin so no honor points)
1-2. Roger Doll 20, $78
1-2. Earl Kennell 20, $77
3. Wilma Wolverton 16, $40
4-6. Alex Holmes 15, $10
4-6. Howard Hoover 15, $10
4-6. Leonard Hickman 15, $10
7. Delmar Ripley
8. Jennifer Kelton

Class B played 3-Move, 7 rounds of round-robin

                 Total prize fund of $560.00

reported by John Acker on ACF Forum - Sun, Oct 3, 2010 12:35PM
correction added Wed, Oct 06, 2010 10:02AM

The 76th annual Illinois 101 Counties Tournament was held October 2 & 3, 2010 in Marion, Illinois at the Illinois Centre Mall.  Nineteen players participated.  The A Class tournament champion was Michael Holmes with Gene Ellison finishing as the Illinois Champion.  In the B Class two Illinois players, Earl Kennell and Roger Doll tied for first place.  The Illinois 101 is a seven round 3-move tournament.   The A Class played using swiss pairing while, this year, the B Class played a round-robin pairing.  A total prize fund of $560 was distributed.  The Illinois 101 Counties tournament was founded in the 1920s for down state checker players at a time when players from Chicago, Illinois  dominated the Illinois checker scene with several active checker clubs and also home of  such checker greats as Alfred Jordan, Joe Duffy, S.S. Bell, G. M. Tanner and Frank R. Wendemuth.  The state of Illinois has 102 counties. Excluding Chicago’s Cook County gives us the name, Illinois 101 Counties Tournament.  Submitted by Roger Doll, Secretary/Treasurer, 101 Tournament.  email 10/5/2010

1st row:
Delmar Ripley, Leonard Hickman, Wilma Wolverton, Alex Holmes, Jennifer Kelton, Roger Doll
2nd row: John Acker, Howard Hoover, Michael Holmes, Albert Tucker, Gary Ellison  3rd row: Byron Woolum,
Arthur Mays, John Grisley, Bill Wethington, Don West, Earl Kennell, Gene Ellison, and Flavious Burgess not available.

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