21st  Annual Mayberry Days - September 23-26, 2010 Mount Airy, North Carolina

Mayberry Days is the annual celebration of the anniversary of "The Andy Griffith Show." It's held the last weekend in September. Visit: http://mayberrydays.org/ for more info! This is the 50th Anniversary of The Andy Griffith Show.

The Andy Griffith Playhouse & Andy Griffith Museum is Located at 218 Rockford Street, Mount Airy, NC http://www.visitmayberry.com/


Mayberry Days has a full range of shows for the whole family every day of the festival. There is bluegrass music, variety shows, beach music, educational lectures, mountain rock music, gospel music, comedy & magic, and just plan fun! Learn more about all these shows and purchase tickets early so you don't miss any of the fun.

Mayberry Days is a festival for the whole family with activities and events for the fans who long for the days when life was simple and the sheriff didn't carry a gun. Enjoy a bottle of pop while playing checkers, relax to music from many local bands playing the same songs that Andy grew up with and performed on The Andy Griffith Show. There is so much to do during the festival such as watching the parade, meeting the Special Guests, laughing at Colonel Tim's Talent Time, placing the high bid at the Silent Auction or taking in all of the music at the many venues. Just remember to take time to slow down and enjoy what Mayberry means to you. 

Mayberry Days events take place in locations around Mount Airy, with the Andy Griffith Playhouse and Blackmon Amphitheatre being the hubs of activity. Most everything is within walking distance, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes and clothes (the festival goes on, rain or shine). There is free parking in the numerous municipal lots downtown. Events are scheduled for minimal overlap where you can enjoy nearly everything or just relax and enjoy your time at the festival.



The 2009 Mayberry Days' Checker Tournament was played outside last year. This year's event was held inside the Old-Time Music Heritage Hall in a nice spacious well lit air conditioned playing room.  Mr. Randall of Mount Airy, NC has won this Checker Tournament for the past two years.  Mr. Mike Ross of Burlington, NC edged out his sparing partner Teal Stanley of Greensboro, NC who usually wins the top finishing position in our Burlington and Greensboro Checker Club Tournaments. We hope to post a picture of Mike receiving his Mayberry Days' Checker Trophy very soon. Craig Distl presented the trophy since he was left in charge of the presentation by Dennis Beal who was needed at another event.   Congratulations Mike! 

Below links highlighted in blue are photos taken by Hobart Jones for The Surry Arts Council (SAC) and The Mayberry Days' photos are posted at Surry Arts Council Website. Just scroll down to see all the galleries.

                 Checkers Tournament                 SAC Website

9:00 am-5:00 pm CHESTER JONES CHECKERS, Old-Time Music Heritage Hall (lower level Andy Griffith Museum) Practice up for the championship on Saturday!

Checkers Tournament Sign-up, Mayberry Days Information Station, Front of Andy Griffith Playhouse  12 Noon-4:00 pm CHESTER JONES CHECKERS hosted by Dennis Beal and the “Mayberry” chapter of TAGSRWC ("The Andy Griffin Show" Rerun Watchers Club). Sign up to play in the tournament at the information station. The tournament is a round robin and the trophy winner is the player who wins the most games. The trophy will be presented at the end of the tournament. Both practice and the tournament will be held in the Old-Time Music Heritage Hall.

2010 Chester Jones Checkers Entrants:  Rd 1:  George Randall vs Noel Shepherd (Noel won),  Teal Stanley vs Mike Ross (tied),  Bill Stanley vs JR Smith (tied),  Andy Bryson vs James Atkins (James won),  Jeremiah Curtis vs Craig Distl (Craig won).  Rd 2:  Noel Shepherd vs Teal Stanley (Teal won),  JR Smith vs James Atkins (JR won),  Bill Stanley vs Craig Distl (Bill won), (Mike - Bye)  Rd 3:  Milk Ross vs JR Smith (Mike won),  Teal Stanley vs Bill Stanley (Teal won)  Rd 4:  Teal Stanley vs Milk Ross (Mike Ross wins Mayberry Days' Checker Tournament).  James, David, & Timothy Kiger (brothers) played practice games with most of the players.


        Mike Ross with trophy - 2010 MayberryDays Checker Ty.jpg (92189 bytes)Noel Shepherd, Mint Hill, NC - Mayberrycheckers 2010.jpg (78109 bytes)Mike Ross with Ben Matlock character - Mayberry Days 2010.jpg (98640 bytes)James Atkins, Julian NC - Mayberrycheckers 2010.jpg (73202 bytes)Teal Stanley, Greensboro NC - Mayberrycheckers 2010.jpg (92513 bytes)George Randall, Mount Airy,NC - Mayberrycheckers 2010.jpg (51439 bytes)cw James Atkins, Noel Shepherd, Teal, Bill, JR, Mike - Mayberrycheckers 2010.jpg (129399 bytes)Teal Stanley, Greensboro, NC - Mayberrycheckers 2010.jpg (85715 bytes)Bill Stanley, Greensboro,NC - Mayberrycheckers 2010.jpg (92285 bytes)JRvsMike - 2010 Mayberrycheckers.jpg (71470 bytes)Bill Stanley vs Craig Distl - Mayberrycheckers 2010.jpg (94604 bytes)Bill Stanley, Greensboro, NC vs Craig Distl, Charlotte, NC - Mayberrycheckers 2010.jpg (65389 bytes)

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