2010 Mt. Hope, Ohio Tournament  

The 2010 Mt. Hope, Ohio Tournament will be held Friday and Saturday,
August 20th & 21st 2010

This GAYP will not be in conjunction with the Antique Steam Power & Engine Show.  They will have a better building at some manufacturing company, as well as date change for 8/6 - 8/7 to above according to Crist Miller.  Got this in an email from Richard Beckwith who got it from Roger Blaine, 7/28/2010.

New Place: 1417 Zuercher Road, Dalton, OH 44618. (This address is actually 1/4-mile off -- It's out in the country, looks like, but Google Maps had no trouble finding it. The white manufacturing building has a green roof and a sign saying "P. Graham Dunn - Inspirational Wood Carvings.") The Playing room is air-conditioned and well lit.

Time: Play starts at 6 PM on Friday, August 20, and will conclude by about 3 PM the next day.
Format: Six rounds of GAYP, three on each day. I'm assuming the rounds are two games each.
Entry fee: $20; all proceeds go to the Ohio Crippled Children's Fund. In previous years the top prize has been handmade furniture.
Notes: The playing facility has a shower (bring your own towels), a kitchen with a fridge and microwave, and plenty of carpeted floorspace for players who want to camp out or bring air mattresses. The nearest hotels are in Wooster (about 20 minutes west) and Orrville (about 15 minutes northwest), also Crist indicated that "there are players from the local area who would be happy to be the host to an overnight guest as well."  This Dalton, OH location will no doubt take over the Mt. Hope tournament if this venue works out for the better and become the Dalton, OH Amish Tournament.

Usual schedule: Sign in 5:30 to 6:00 PM Friday.  Followed by 4 Rounds Swiss style play starts 6:00 PM Friday.  Follow at 9:00 AM Saturday with top six in Swiss style playing in a Round Robin.   They play GAYP in even years and 3-Move on odd years (opposite of ours) Contact Crist Miller at (330) 231-5034 or Fax: 330-359-7878

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