2011 3-Move WTM  (Borghetti vs Moiseyev)

          (Borghetti     vs   Moiseyev

The 3-Move World Title Match (40 games) between Michele Borghetti (Italy, challenger) and GM Alex Moiseyev (USA, Defending World Champion) is scheduled for August 13 thru 23, 2011 in Cleveland, Ohio. (map)

The 3-move World title match between Grand Master Alex Moiseyev (Dublin, Ohio) and challenger GM Michele Borghetti (Livorno, Italy) will play in August in Cleveland, Ohio. MOISVSBORG-1.jpg (112597 bytes)Referee will Cleveland Public Library - 2011 WCDF 3-Move WTM.jpg (74958 bytes)be Steve Holliday or Alan Millhone. The match will consist of 40 games, 4 games a day. The match will primarily be played at Cleveland Agora, with some days of play occurring at Cleveland Public Library. John Acker has agreed to come to set up a live internet feed of the games. Contributions to the match fund or to John Acker's travel expenses are requested and may be sent to Richard Beckwith, 34490 Ridge Road #115, Willoughby, Ohio, 44094, or via Paypal at ACF Store Donations page at usacheckers.com. Donors of at least $20 will receive early copy of annotated games. More details later.


GM Michele Borghetti of Livorno, Italy won the 2010 WCDF World Qualifying 3-Move Tournament, ahead of the legendary Grand Master Ron King of Barbados by 5 (Sonneborn/Berger) points.  His success at the Qualification Tournament held at the Radisson Hotel at Dublin Airport, Ireland on the 27th 30th of October, 2010 guaranteed Borghetti a shot at the World Title.  I'm sure Michele has prepared himself for this match, studying pp and playing his sparring partner 2 time Italian Champion Sergio Scarpetta, an on-line fame.  These two GM champs played a test match on July 9 thru 12 as for preparation of the upcoming WTM in Ohio, which ended after nine 2 game rounds with 2 wins and 12 draws each. Both Grand Masters are near equals as Italy's Dama Champions and each have held the Italian Championship several times.  Watch: http://www.youreporter.it/video_A_Foggi ... _Scarpetta or click FID site: http://www.federdama.it/  Results: (pictures)  http://www.emanueledamore.it/manifestazioni_7.htm 


Five or six Italians will accompany Michele to the USA for this 40 games WTM in Cleveland.  This will possibly be the biggest and most publicized WTM to date by staging it at the high profile Cleveland Agora Theater and Cleveland Public Library with news media, and coverage of games with Live Stream video. Here is Live Stream link:  http://www.ustream.tv/user/usacheckers  Also Cleveland Public Library announcement webpage: http://cpl.org/BooksMoviesMore/Collecti ... ament.aspx

Article from Cleveland Plain Newspaper:  http://www.cleveland.com/pdq/index.ssf/ ... namen.html

Also think about visiting the John G. White chess and checkers special collection at the Cleveland Public Library while in the Cleveland area.

For additional info, or to send a contribution to this match, contact:


Richard Beckwith - ACF Player Rep.

34490 Ridge Road, #115

Willoughby, Ohio 44094-3035

(440) 516-1284

e-mail:  beckwith24@msn.com    

Consider visiting the John G. White chess and checkers special collection at the Cleveland Public Library while you are in the area, this would be time well spent if you tie these together.  Cleveland Public Library (Main) 325 Superior Ave., N.E. Cleveland, OH 44114 (216) 623-2800. Click site, then The Library, Subjects & Collections,  Special Collections, you will find JGW checker collection on third floor. Picture of Main CPL building.

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