Cedarock Park  

 "Preserving Our Heritage Festival"

The Burlington Checker Club participated in the Alamance Co. Cedarock Park - "Preserving Our Heritage Festival" 
Saturday, August 27th, 2011  9am - 5pm

Good Attendance - Everyone enjoy this fun, family-friendly event.


Earlier this week the Burlington newspaper stated Southeastern Express Bluegrass band from Julian would replace the Buttermilk Creek band at Cedarock Park - "Preserving Our Heritage Festival."  We already knew hurricane Irene's path would be bring us some rain and wind on Saturday as she passed up the eastern coast.  I get a call from Mike Ross around 7 AM telling me he is on his way to Cedarock Park. I arrive a little after 8:00 AM and Mike and the Alamance Beekeepers are there beginning to setup.  Terry Isley, park manager comes over and tells us his weather report indicates we have heavy rain coming, and we are suppose to get slammed between 10-11 AM.  He didn't think we should setup the bee-cage because of falling limb, wind, and pubic safety, liability would suggest we just exhibit only our observation hive. Others in the group said they too had observed the national weather systems radar and it showed we were getting the skirt of the outer band of Irene. It would most likely continue to drizzle with light rain and some wind off and on, but clearing up in the afternoon. At the least, the messy weather had kept most of the vendors/exhibitors, and participates away and definitely the festival attendance would be down. The food vendors, and band wasn't there, none of the antique tractors and "hit & miss" engine folks had showed. Mike, I, and others holdup on setting up the bee display and we walked over to the post office which is a new historical building added to the John and Polly Garrett Historical Farm grounds. Its really a nice cozy little one room log cabin with a mail office on one side, a pot belly stove, checkerboard, and chairs on the other. Mike and I decided we should play a few games in the post office while we were killing time with the weather. The board was an old homemade checkerboard grooved out on a single piece of wide lumber with corncob checkers. They are made from diced red and white cobs. Of course, Mike opens 10-14 and tries to funnel me into the White Doctor, which he knows like the back of his hand. I move 25-22 instead of 24-20 and he pitched me 16-19... I lose several of these games to him.  By this time Tim Laverty calls and said he was coming over.  Its after 10:30 now and still light rain and windy with few exhibitors and no public crowd yet.  Tim Laverty and I decide not to setup the checker exhibit, tables, chairs, & tent.  We decided to get out of the weather and play at his home back in Graham, 9 miles away. Tim gives me an extra copy of the 4th Int. Match and I meet Bruce Moser for the 1st time. They are wonderful host, and we have coffee and play checkers (mostly get lessons) and review the White Dr. and Inferno.  I leave there and Teal calls me saying he and Trey plan to visit his dad Bill back in Greensboro, and did I want to meet then and play more checkers. Yes of course, and that afternoon Mike calls me and tells me he stay until early afternoon as the crowd was light, and the festival ended early, so that wrapped up the festival this year. 

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