2011 Alabama State & District 5 Open 3-Move Tournament
November 11th & 12th 2011
Imperial Inn & Galley Restaurant, Haleyville, AL


Brother-in-laws  Bobby & Roy - Guys, TN.jpg (85283 bytes) Checker Wives, Larry, Jerry, & John.jpg (55706 bytes) Clayton Nash vs Clyde Hallmark, 1st Rd 
Masters.jpg (86440 bytes) Clifford Daniels, Preston, MS.jpg (72701 bytes) Clyde Hallmark, Russellville AL.jpg (100743 bytes) Crowd watches final game of AL-D5 Tourney.jpg (90696 bytes) cw, Leonard Hickman, 
Clayton Nash, Harvey Kelley, Dallas Ramsey.jpg (83283 bytes) Dallas Ramsey .jpg (78699 bytes) Dallas Ramsey vs GM Alex Moiseyev, 1st Rd Masters.jpg (90071 bytes) Daniels vs Roy Harben, 1st Rd Majors, Blankenship 
watching.jpg (97010 bytes) Davis vs Tucker, 1st Rd 
Masters.jpg (100761 bytes) 
Dustin Belcher, Madisonville, TN.jpg (89638 bytes) Ed King, Graham TX.jpg (96377 bytes) Elbert Jones - Carthage, TX.jpg (74162 bytes) Final 7th Rd Masters, Stanley vs Nash.jpg (75525 bytes) Frank Davis presents Majors & Minors Champs.jpg (69022 bytes) Frank Davis presents 
trophy to AL State Champ, Larry Pollard.jpg (70844 bytes) GM Alex Moiseyev vs Dallas Ramsey, 1st Rd Masters.jpg (93551 bytes) Haleyville's Mayor Pro-tem, (Bicycle) Richard Bittinger.jpg (66881 bytes) Harvey Kelley - Calhoun, GA.jpg (96644 bytes) IM John Webster vs IM Anthony Bishop.jpg (94030 bytes) IM John Webster vs Teal Stanley, 1st Rd Masters.jpg (83104 bytes) Jacie and Macy.jpg (96124 
bytes) Jacy, Kelly, 
Larry.jpg (81364 bytes) James Atkins - Julian, NC vs Dustin Belcher - Madisonville, TN.jpg (75920 bytes) James Atkins vs Dustin Belcher, 1st Rd 
Minors.jpg (67058 bytes) Paul Hines, Russellvile, KY-clip.jpg (22686 bytes) Larry-clip.jpg (17981 bytes) John Webster - Stoneville, NC-clip.jpg (18169 bytes) 
Clifford Daniels, Preston, MS-clip.jpg (19965 bytes) Anthony Bishop-clip.jpg (13807 bytes) 90 year old, Bill Stanley, Greensboro NC.jpg 
(19136 bytes) Ken Shultz vs Leonard Hickman, 1st Rd Majors.jpg (89554 bytes) Ken Shultz, Cosby TN.jpg (92261 bytes) Larry Keen vs Anthony Bishop, 1st Rd Masters.jpg (92161 bytes) Larry Keen, Halls, TN in 1st Rd Masters.jpg (87513 bytes) Larry Pollard - Brilliant, AL & Tim Laverty - Graham, NC.jpg (73508 bytes) Larry Pollard vs Tim Laverty, 1st Rd Masters.jpg (86232 bytes) Leonard Hickman & Dallas Ramsey.jpg (83181 bytes) Lynn Steelman - Crandall, GA.jpg (82521 bytes) Lynn Steelman, Albert Tucker, & Elbert Jones.jpg (74525 bytes) Lynn Steelman, Crandall, GA-clip.jpg (19956 bytes) Mary Davis, Scorekeeper.jpg (60344 bytes) Masters Final Rd, Teal Stanley vs Clayton Nash.jpg (88595 bytes) Paul Hines.jpg (67108 bytes) Richard Bittinger, Fay Harvell, Frank Davis.jpg (61589 bytes) Roy Harben - Guys TN.jpg (70858 bytes) Sue Tucker, Dorothy Askins.jpg (87996 bytes) Teal Stanley - Greensboro, NC.jpg (43545 bytes) Thurston Butler - Columbia, MS.jpg (64723 bytes) Thurston Butler vs Elbert Jones, 1st Rd Minors.jpg (89703 bytes) Tourney Director Frank Davis presents John Webster 2nd Place Masters Trophy.jpg (62584 bytes) Wives - Faye Harvell & Shirley Lerum.jpg (74633 bytes) AL State & D5, 1st Rd Masters.jpg (103108 bytes) John Webster - Stoneville, NC.jpg (65980 bytes) Elberts Kids.jpg (66360 bytes) Clifford Daniels - Preston, MS 1st Rd.jpg 
(47869 bytes) Albert Tucker - Minden, LA vs Frank Davis - Clarksville, TN 1st Rd Masters.jpg (91145 bytes) Albert Tucker & Larry Keen.jpg (69723 bytes) Lynn Steelman, Crandall, GA.jpg (82560 bytes) Albert, Larry, & Jerry.jpg (58931 bytes) Anthony Bishop, 1st Rd Masters.jpg (92081 bytes) Dustin Belcher, Madisonville, TN bkgd Ed King.jpg (93991 bytes) Bobby Blankenship - Guys TN.jpg (90766 bytes) Dustin Belcher - Madisonville, TN in 1st Rd Minors.jpg (73115 bytes) Jerry Askins - Monticello, KY.jpg (53353 bytes) Clifford Daniels - Preston, MS.jpg (46561 bytes) Davis presents trophy to Steelman & Belcher.jpg (33630 bytes) Jacy, Kelly, 
Larry's daughter & granddaughter.jpg (78422 bytes) Larry Pollard & Tim Laverty.jpg (84881 bytes) Paul Hines, Russellvile, KY.jpg (68901 bytes) Elbert Jones vs Thurston Butler.jpg (87623 bytes) Tourney Director, Frank Davis presents trophy to AL State Champ, Larry Pollard.jpg (69016 bytes) Harvey Kelley, Calhoun, GA.jpg (84800 bytes) Alabama & D5 Tournament Venue.jpg (46073 bytes) Jacy and Macy Cummings.jpg (95685 bytes)

Do we need to handicap Madisonville Checker Club?

Elbert Jones is teaching checkers and conducting tournaments in several schools in Texas, including the Orthside Christian Academy in Carthage, TX and Stockwell Place Elementary in Bossier City. The children are all ages in Carthage while we have 10-12 year olds in Bossier.  Lynn Steelman donated 37 official checkerboards for this cause and Mike Choate crafted 25 sets of nice official red & white checkers in his woodshop, just for Elbert's Kids! They have a checker tournament scheduled for the schools on December 10th.

2011 Tournament Dates  |   2011 Alabama Results