2011 District 9 Open

Las Vegas Again The 9th District has planned its tourney for Las Vegas this year. The dates are October 9,10,11 (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday) at Travelsuites Inn on the fabulous Las Vegas Strip.  The hotel is right next door to the world famous Circus Circus, on the same side of the street as Circus Circus.  It takes five seconds to cross the street from Travelsuites to Circus Circus.  The hotel is giving us a special rate of $35 a day for two persons in a room.  The tax is included in the $35 so that’s hard to beat. Just mention the checker tourney to get that rate.  We’d like to get a good turnout so that the hotel will be happy to have us every year.  The telephone to reserve a room is : (702) 735-4222.  The Circus has almost twelve hours of free performances by some of the best in the world, from 11AM thru midnight by some of the best trapeze performers, acrobats, specialty acts, etc. The Circus is a great place for families with kids. It has all kinds of rides, at least 25 different activities such as bumper cars, water chutes, rollercoasters, clown shows, etc. for a charge. Travelsuites is on the strip and is therefore close to many great hotels.  Travelsuites has a nice pool to refresh during the day, it's a very refreshing way to beat the heat.

Please spread the word. This is our second tourney on the strip so we want it to have enough players and friends to have the hotel welcome us back next year. The other hotels wanted $1,500 - $3,000 for the playing room.  Travelsuites is not charging us anything.  Anyone, even people not interested in checkers (our family, friends, or acquaintances) can take advantage of this special by just mentioning the checkers

Western states tourney in Las Vegas!

Travelsuites Inn
2830 Las Vegas Boulevard South,
Las Vegas, NV 89109-1102
(702) 735-4222

Submitted by Gerry Lopez
Any questions just send me an email. glopez73@roadrunner.com
Gerry Lopez, 27297 Sierra Madre Dr., Murrieta, Ca. 92563. My phone # is (951) 695-2499.

District 9 contains States: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, & Wyoming
District 9 Manager: John R. Gibson

2011 District 9 Results:

Gerry Lopezz wins 9th District 3-Move Tourney in Las Vegas held October 9, 10, and 11th.  In beautiful 75 degree temperatures, the 9th District Tourney was held at the Travelodge (formerly Travelsuites Inn) next door to the always popular Circus Circus.  The pleasant October weather, the good rates ($35 a day), the heated swimming pool and he friendly hospitality made for a pleasant stay for all.

The winners were: Gerry Lopez, from California, many times champion of California and the West, first prize $100. Jim Loy, from Montana, publisher of our ACF Bulletin and author of some of the most instructive checker books ever published, 2nd prize $75.  Ken Shultz, from Tennessee, last year's 9th District champion, third prize, $50. Bob Finchum, expert from Tennessee, fourth prize, a beautiful onyx checkerboard.  Steve Blackshear from California and Tom Jones from Las Vegas were voted the most improved players.

The Travelodge has offered its hospitality and good rates for next year's event.  We're thinking of having the tourney there at the end of September or the beginning of October.  Some top master players have already expressed interest in participating in the next one.  Anthony Bishop, a prime contender, missed this one due to an unexpected commitment.  We look forward to seeing all of you again next year. (Submitted by Gerry Lopez)

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