2011 ACF - “18th GAYP National Tournament”
“The Dr. Richard Beckwith GAYP National Tournament ” 
held at the Rodeway Inn & Medina Conference Center, 2875 Medina Road, Medina, Ohio, July 26th - 29th 2011 (map)

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held at the Rodeway Inn & Medina Conference Center, 2875 Medina Road, Medina, Ohio, July 26th  - 30th, 2011 (

Group Picture at 2011 GAYP National
l-r: front: Jack Francis, John Acker, John Webster, Joe Coleman, Raleigh Johnson,
Alex Holmes, Kim Willis, back: Alan Millhone,  Nick Addante, Joe Schwartz,  Perry McCracken, Nick Boatman,  Alex Moiseyev, Joe Moore,
Ken Shultz, Neil Wenberg, Charles Woolum, Richard Beckwith, Byron Woolum, Carl Reno, George Stallsworth, Ted Williamson, not present: Ron King, Jim Morrison.

Beckwith vs Mioseyev in 2011 GAYP National.jpg (100419 bytes)
3rd Round  2011 GAYP Nationals

Total number of players was 23 - first time & lowest in history. We experienced the same thing APCA did from 72 in 2010 in Durham, NC to 39 this year in Worthington, OH.  46% non-attendance.  ACF had 45 at the 2010 Nationals in Springfield, IL.  We experienced a 49% nonappearance.
In the business meeting players decided (maybe last time) to use 3 Divisions this year as it was announced, but number of rounds and days will be reduce.
10 players registered in Master, 9 in Major and 4 in Minors.
In all three Division played 10 rounds in 4 days, in this format 2+3+3+2 rounds from Tuesday thru Friday at 4 hours per round.
In Master and Majors we voted to play 1 Robin Round tournament (9 rounds) + 1 Repair Round.
In Minors will play 3 Round Robin sessions + 1 Repair round.

GAYP Spreadsheet: http://bit.ly/qrYfil

ACF Forum  http://www.usacheckers.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2454&start=15


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