2011 Herberger vs Morrison 3-Move Match
Monday & Tuesday, April 11th & 12th, La Siesta Motel in Greenfield Park, Quebec, Canada

     The 20 Game Match between  John Herberger of Akron, NY and Bruce Morrison of Montreal, QC was played at the La Siesta Motel in Greenfield Park, QC (Montreal, Canada).  John Herberger defeated Bruce Morrison 7-2 with 5 draws.  Mr. Morrison conceded the match after 14 games.  The games were played on April 11th and 12th.  John had to quit checkers from 1989 to 1995.  His wife Caroline was almost killed in a slip and fall accident in 1989.  During that 6 years period, John had to do laundry and take care of his wife and son.  From John: "My faith in Jesus gave me the strength to carry on.  I could never go through that again.  I'd rather be killed by an assassin's bullet." 

     Donations were:  John Grisley $40; Wanda Ellison $5; Pastor Robert Dean $20; Dr. Richard Beckwith $25; Durwood Fogle $10; Edward Bruch $50; Edward Schmaltz $10; Congressional Candidate Jack Davis $100; Paul Stein $100;  C.W. Nuss $15; and Steve Holiday $20.

     Last September this match took place in John's home in Akron and Bruce won by 5-4 with 11 draws.  These two gentleman are good friends and checker competitors. Bruce congratulated John on his victory this time! John thanked all those who donated.  Very Truly Yours, John F. Herberger 

letter from John Herberger to Darlene Stallsworth, Newsletter Editor: MCA

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