The 106th Illinois State Checker Tournament
Saturday & Sunday - April 2nd & 3rd, 2011

Alan Millhone sent via BlackBerry by AT&T, all these photos:  Retake of Group Photo of 2011 IL Open, Marion, IL by Judy Grisley

1st three row L-R: Larry Keen, Nick Addante, Neil Wenberg, Earl Kennett, Flavious Burgess, Howard Hoover, Leonard Hickman, Ted Williamson, Bob Rice,  Vonda Jones, Alan Millhone, Kim Willis, Alex Moiseyev, Alex Holmes, Michael Holmes, Byron Polanco, Jennifer Kelton, Roger Blaine, Ken Christian, Harvey Powell, Gary Ellison, Ken Shultz, Last Row:  Don West, Frank Davis, Gene Ellison,  John Grisley.

Michael Holmes vs Larry Keen rd4 gm2...  deep in thought on endgame.

Leonard Hickman vs Bobby Rice 11IL-12.jpg (119771 bytes)Leonard Hickman vs Earl Kennell 11IL-13.jpg (125876 bytes)Michael holmes left and Nick Addante 11IL-3.jpg (121274 bytes)Alex Moiseyev left vs Don West 11IL-5.jpg (130216 bytes)Alex takling about his upcoming match to players 11IL-2.jpg (129193 bytes)Kim Willis and Ken Schultz,  Larry Keen bkgrd 11IL-6.jpg (120899 bytes)Larry keen left and Frank Davis 11IL-4.jpg (131305 bytes)L-R Illinois organizers & officers,   Gary Ellison, John Grisley, Gene Ellison 11IL-7.jpg (123849 bytes)Neil Wenberg vs Jen Kelton & Ted Williamson vs Leonard Hickman, bkgd Otis Jones 11IL-8.jpg (87009 bytes)Gary Ellison vs Ken Christian 11IL-14.jpg (105033 bytes)

2011 Illinois Open Top Finishers

Vonda Jones vs Harvey Powell 11IL-2.jpg (140540 bytes)Alex Holmes vs Roger Blaine 11IL-11.jpg (118257 bytes)Alex Moiseyev vs Don West 11IL-6.jpg (133641 bytes)Flavious Burgess vs Alan Millhone  11IL-13.jpg (131661 bytes)Frank Davis vs Larry Keen 11IL-8.jpg (122989 bytes)Gary Ellison vs Ken Christian 11IL-14.jpg (105033 bytes)Howard Hoover vs Neil Wenberg 11IL-3.jpg (107427 bytes)John Grisley vs Gene Ellison 11IL-4.jpg (106237 bytes)Ken Shultz vs Earl Kennell 11IL-7.jpg (108048 bytes)Kim Willis vs Jennifer Kelton 11IL-10.jpg (109414 bytes)Nick Addante vs Michael Holmes 11IL-9.jpg (100990 bytes)Vonda Jones vs Harvey Powell 11IL-1.jpg (144708 bytes)Ted Williamson vs Byron Polanco 11IL-5.jpg (93143 bytes)Leonard Hickman vs Bobby Rice 11IL-12.jpg (119771 bytes)         Photos by Judy Grisley   |   Slideshow  by Erin McCallion-Holmes 

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