2011 Indiana State & District 6 Tournament
 held Saturday & Sunday, October 8th & 9th at Holiday Inn Express in New Albany, IN 47150 (map)
District 6 contains States: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio - District Manager: Roger Blaine


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Congratulations, Alex!
Wins 2011 IN Open & D6 Champion
Congratulations, Dennis!
2011 Indiana State Champion

3-Move Swiss
Finish Player City, State  Rated  Opp  Rd1  Rd2  Rd3  Rd4  Rd5  Rd6  Rd7  Pts  HPts  Prize Comments
1  Alex Moiseyev  Dublin, OH 2512 1 8T4 3T7 4T10 2T12 6T16 5T19 2T21 21 100 $160.00  2011 District 6 Champion
2  Larry Keen  Halls, TN 2314 2 9T3 11T6 3T9 1T11 4T13 7T17 1T19 19 101 $100.00  
3  Tim Laverty  Graham, NC 2265 3 5T4 1T5 2T6 4T7 8T10 11T14 4T17 17 101 $35.00  3rd & 4th place tie - split $70 3rd place prize
3  Michael Holmes  Louisville, KY 2333 4 6T3 10T7 1T8 3T11 2T13 8T16 3T17 17 101 $35.00  
5  Mark Sokolovsky  Lyndhurst, OH unrated 5 3T0 ByeT3 7T6 6T7 10T10 1T11 9T14 14 88    
6  Alan Millhone  Belpre, OH 2133 6 4T1 9T4 11T6 5T9 1T9 ByeT12 8T14 14 86    
7  Arthur Mays  Campbellsville, KY 2157 7 11T1 8T3 5T4 ByeT7 9T10 2T10 11T14 14 77    
8  Ramon Dionisio  Darien, IL 2127 8 1T0 7T2 10T6 11T9 3T10 4T11 6T13 13 94    
9  JR Smith  Greensboro, NC 1729 9 2T1 6T2 ByeT5 10T6 7T7 10T10 5T11 11 83    
10  Dennis Bullington  Salem, IN 1867 10 ByeT3 4T3 8T3 9T6 5T7 9T8 ByeT11 11 66    2011 Indiana State Champion
11  Alex Holmes  Sellersburg, IN 1910 11 7T3 2T4 6T6 8T7 ByeT10 3T10 7T10 10 91    Age 12 - DOB 2/28/99
Ratings from WCDF July/September 2011, No. 8  |  Submitted by Michael Holmes, Tournament Director, Sunday, October 9, 2011 at 2:30 PM

Congratulations! to GM Alex Moiseyev of Dublin, OH as winner of the 2011 Indiana Open & District 6 Champion.
Congratulations! to Dennis Bullington of Salem, IN as the highest finishing Indiana player who was declared by Tournament Director as the 2011 Indiana Champion.
It was a high level competition.
Next year we plan to have twice as many.
Prize Fund Payout Schedule: 1st place price $160, 2nd place $100, 3rd place $70.
Special thanks to Larry Keen for donating a $100, John Acker, and Dr. Beckwith also donated to our prize fund.
Mark Sokolovsky, a GrandMaster at Russian-checkers or Russian Shashki from Lyndhurst, a suburb of Cleveland, OH played in his second English checkers tournament.
Everyone attending the tournament received a nice handcrafted wooden pen custom made by Clint Holmes as a door prize.
Alan Millhone donated several books and brought pens and scoresheets.
We had bottle water, drinks, make your own sandwich assortments, chips, pickles, etc. for lunch furnished by tournament director.
Charles "Chuck"  Freemen from Louisville, KY visited us Saturday.
Holiday Inn Express was a nice tournament venue, great breakfast with lots of choices, and our playing room was ideal.
We appreciate Michael Holmes for sponsoring this Indiana & District 6 Tournament.
Michael commented on forum, "Many thanks to everyone who showed up. Next year we plan on having three times the prize fund"  Michael

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