2011 Missouri State Open 3-Move
Saturday & Sunday - April 16th & 17th, 2011

Photos: by Darlene Stallsworth

2011 MO State Open Group, front row L-R: Keith Wait, Wilma Wolverton, Ted Williamson,
Gayle Helterbrand, Howard Hoover, back row: George Cook, Ken Kelly, Richard Brownfield,
Gene Ellison, Larry Pollard, Chris Weiland, J.R. Smith, Bill Wethington, G.W. Miller, George Stallsworth.

George Stallsworth-MCA President, presents Bill Wethington his 2011 Missouri State Open Championship plaque.

George Stallsworth-MCA President, presents Larry Pollard his 2011 Missouri State Open 1st Place Championship Trophy.



Wilma Wolverton of Grain Valley, MO.jpg (91213 bytes)Wilma Wolverton, MCA sec & Darlene Stallsworth, MCA newsletter editor.jpg (99897 bytes)Wilma & Wayne Miller and Keith.jpg (94600 bytes)Chris Weiland of Sedalia, MO (former MCA Pres).jpg (104753 bytes)2011 Missouri State Championship Cake.jpg (101275 bytes)Wilma Wolverton 2011 MO clip.jpg (114166 bytes)Bill Wethington 201 MO State clip.jpg (88630 bytes)Larry Pollard - 2011 MO clip.jpg (21120 bytes)2011Ap Mo Ty Chris Weiland clip.jpg (235934 bytes)Ken Kelly - 2011 MO clip.jpg (303011 bytes)Ken Kelly of Kansas City, MO.jpg (84318 bytes)Bill Wethington of High Ridge, MO.jpg (103942 bytes)George Stallsworth of Saint Joseph.jpg (105926 bytes)Gayle Helterbrand of Cabool, MO.jpg (89789 bytes)JR Smith - Greensboro, NC.jpg (46955 bytes)George Stallsworth presents Larry Pollard his 2011 MO Tournament Trophy.jpg (98322 bytes)Gene Ellison of Norris City, IL.jpg (89535 bytes)George Stallsworth of Saint Joseph, MO.jpg (98719 bytes)Howard Hoover of Odin, IL.jpg (84097 bytes)Wilma & Wayne Miller, and Keith Wait.jpg (99670 bytes)Wilma Miller of Windsor, MO.jpg (87167 bytes)Richard Brownfield of Sedalia, MO.jpg (112296 bytes)Bill Wethington of High Ridge, 2011 MO State Champion.jpg (94361 bytes)Candy Wait, Keith's wife and Maxine Helterbrand, Gayle's wife.jpg (84657 bytes)2011 MO State Open Ty Group Picture.jpg (103867 bytes)Wilma Woverton - Grain Valley, MO.jpg (39401 bytes)Howard Hoover - Odin, IL.jpg (48976 bytes)Richard Brownfield - Sedalia, MO.jpg (47232 bytes)Gene Ellison - 2011 Mo.jpg (101427 bytes)

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