2011 Nebraska GAYP Open
Saturday - September 10th

The Nebraska State GAYP Tournament Results:

The Nebraska Checkers Association held their annual State Open GAYP Tournament Saturday 9/10/11 at the Regency Lakeside club house on 105th and Pacific st. in Omaha, NE. We played 6 rounds (5 round-robin and final round as Swiss). The " winners " of the Ty was decided during the last round of the tournament. George Stallsworth from St. Joe, MO won the tournament and John Pestal from Omaha, NE was declared the Nebraska State GAYP Champion for 2011 because he was highest finishing Nebraska player.  Many thanks to George Stallsworth for winning the tournament and for John Pestal winning his 8th State Title.  John will be defending his State Match game championship against Calvin Lathan in October. Special thanks to all participants, and for Darlene Stallsworth for doing another great job keeping score.  Dave Stovie / Nebraska Checkers Association

L-R: Jim Albin, Dave Stovie, Wilma Wolverton, John Pestal, Calvin Lathan, and George Stallsworth

John Pestal - 2011 NE GAYP State Champ & George Stallsworth - 2011 NE Open GAYP Champ

Final Standings of 2011 Nebraska GAYP Tournament, Regency Lakeside Apt, Omaha, NE, September 10, 2011
Finish  Player - City / State  Pts


1  George Stallsworth - St. Joseph, MO 16  wins the 2011 Nebraska GAYP Tournament
2  John Pestal - Omaha, NE 15  2011 Nebraska GAYP State Champion (his 8th State Title)
3  Jim Albin - Omaha, NE 14  
4  Calvin Lathan - Omaha, NE 12  
5  Wilma Wolverton - Grain Valley, MO 11  
6  Dave Stovie - Omaha,NE 4  
Submitted by Dave Stovie, Sunday, September 11, 2011 10:25:48 AM

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