2011 Ohio State Tournament
Saturday & Sunday - September 10th & 11th
(Usually scheduled on 2nd Saturday & Sunday weekend in Sept)

Ohio State Tournament -- September 10 & 11, 2011
Rodeway Inn Medina Conference Center, 2875 Medina Road, Median, OH  44256
(located west of Akron)

Entry fee is $10.00  Registration on Saturday from 9:00-9:30 am with play beginning at 9:30 am.  Seven rounds of play using 3-move restriction (156-opening deck).
Master players:  time clocks and recording of games will be employed.  Please note that an ACF membership is required and may be paid during registration.

The hotel is located on 2875 Medina Road on the Northeast corner of I-71 interchange with state highway 18 (exit 218, just south of where I-71 and I-271 merge).  Hotel is a quarter-mile from interchange.  Room rates are $49.95 (single or double) per night plus tax.  Phone number for Rodeway Inn is 330-725-4571.  Please indicate you are there for the checker tournament to receive the discount.

Also think about visiting the John G. White chess and checkers special collection at the Cleveland Public Library while in the Cleveland area.

For additional info, contact: Richard Beckwith  (440) 516-1284  e-mail:  beckwith24@msn.com

Richard Beckwith
ACF Player Rep

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Greensboro to Medina: 8hrs / 482 miles

Final Standings of 2011 Ohio State Tournament, Rodeway Inn, Medina, Ohio, September 10 & 11
Finish   Players  Points  H Points  Cash comments
1  GM Alex Moiseyev (OH) 21   $210  wins his 9th straight Ohio State Championship title
2  Richard Beckwith (OH) 19   $150  
3  Louis Cowie (OH) 16   $110  
4  Joe Moore, Jr. (PA) 15


$  60   honor points separated 3 way tie (4-6 Finish Position)
5  Mark Sokolovsky (OH) 15


$  60  
6  John Acker (OH) 15


$  60  
7  Alan Millhone (OH) 14   $ 30  
8  Steve Holliday (OH) 11      recognized as the Ohio State B Class Champion
9  Gary Schultz (OH) 7


   2 points of these points came from beating Alex!
10  Joe LoConti (OH) 7



Congratulations go to Alex Moiseyev for wining his 9th straight Ohio State Title! Russian-checkers or Russian shashki GrandMaster, Mark Sokolovsky (Lyndhurst, OH), playing in his first Anglo-American style checkers tournament, was the highest finishing B group player. Format was 7 rounds of 3-move, Swiss. Masters recorded games and used clocks. Referee was Richard Beckwith. Prize fund was $680. Donations were received by Joe LoConti ($385), Richard Beckwith (playing room, $100), and Alan Millhone ($10), who donated his prize to Ohio fund. Thanks also go to the Hollidays and Joe LoConti for providing cookies to the players. Richard Beckwith submitted by email Mon, Sep 12, 2011 at 6:44 pm  

Notes for  ACF Forum:  Thanks as always to Rich Beckwith for running a trouble-free tourney, and to everyone for coming out to play. It was nice to see Gary Schultz after he'd been away from the game for the better part of a decade, and Mark Sokolovsky (a friend of Alex's and a master in Russian checkers) also joined us for the first time. We also had a visit from a chess master who lived in the area, who said he'd become fascinated with checkers and hoped to play a tournament in the near future. He also pointed out that checkers opening names are a lot cooler than chess opening names! For the second year in a row, Alex had a close call with retaining the state title. In this tournament, Alex trailed by as many as 4 points after the third round, but came back strongly to win. Moiseyev wrote: (After 3rd round I had 7 points and Richard had 11 points and this forced me to win all 6 games before we came to last round. Perhaps Richard got a little bit nervous by getting a real chance to win a title and this had a bad influence on his play in the 4th round when we met. Good tournament and good games. I am still recovering from my world title match with Miki Borghetti and OH State tournament was a part of this recovery. Yea-a-a ... I lost a very 1st game in this tournament to Gary Schultz, old Microsoft Zone player. It was a good game and "good loss" - not just a blunder. I miscalculated things and was graciously punished by my worthy opponent. I am sure this makes Gary very proudly and he will remember this OH 2011. Many thanks to all organizers, sponsors and cookie makers of this event and personally to Richard Beckwith being a referee and sponsor of this event. I also was very glad to see my friend Mark Sokolovsky show up at this tournament and I hope it's not a last time - he will be very good addition to our fraternity ! Respectfully, Alex Moseyev)

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