2011 Texas State & District 8 Tournament
District 8 contains States: Arkansas, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and their District 8 Manager: Faye Harvell

The Texas Tournament will be held June 10th & 11th (Friday & Saturday) at the Super 8 Motel,
910 N. Central Expressway (on Highway 75), McKinney, TX 75069 (map) Phone # 972-548-8880

Albert Tucker vs Earle Sweatmon and Ted Williamson vs Glen Welsh TX11.jpg (113167 bytes)Albert Tucker vs Larry Pollard TX11.jpg (102797 bytes)Albert Tucker vs Wayne Gober & John Post vs Hugh Hawkins TX11.jpg (108101 bytes)Earle Sweatmon vs Ed King TX11.jpg (113218 bytes)Earle Sweatmon vs Hugh Hawkins TX11.jpg (109586 bytes)Earle Sweatmon vs John Post Rd1 TX11.jpg (120889 bytes)Albert Tucker and Ted Williamson TX11.jpg (95838 bytes)Albert Tucker TX11.jpg (82032 bytes)Elbert, Larry, & JR in breakfast lobby TX11.jpg (86696 bytes)Faye and Carol - scorekeepers TX11.jpg (99075 bytes)Faye Harvell & Carol Williamson TX11.jpg (85745 bytes)John Post vs Earl Sweatmon & Ted Williamson vs Elbert Jones TX11.jpg (121925 bytes)John Post vs Ed King TX11.jpg (112802 bytes)John Post vs Larry Pollard TX11.jpg (117099 bytes)Ed King TX11.jpg (104092 bytes)Elbert Tucker vs Hugh Hawkins TX11.jpg (103127 bytes)JR Smith with Wayne Gober looking on TX11.jpg (90305 bytes)Ken Shultz & John Post TX11.jpg (107711 bytes)Ken Shultz vs JR Smith & John Post vs Wayne Gober TX11.jpg (111038 bytes)Ken Shultz vs Lester Binnick & Larry Pollard vs Wayne Gober TX11.jpg (118652 bytes)JR diggin in potato salad.jpg (92118 bytes)JR Smith and Ted Williamson.jpg (113969 bytes)JR Smith bkgrd Lester Binnick TX11.jpg (109095 bytes)JR Smith vs Glen Welsh TX11.jpg (89908 bytes)JR Smith vs Lester Binnick TX11.jpg (118981 bytes)Stephen Graham vs Ed King TX11.jpg (87863 bytes)Steve Graham vs Larry Pollard & Lester Binnick vs Elbert Jones TX11.jpg (94557 bytes)Wayne Gober & Ed King relax in hotel lobby TX11.jpg (105386 bytes)Wayne Gober vs Stephen Graham TX11.jpg (95989 bytes)Larry Pollard vs Ed King TX11.jpg (95831 bytes)lbert Tucker vs Earle Sweatmon and Ted Williamson vs Glen Welsh Rd2 TX11.jpg (117744 bytes)L-R Albert, Carol, Elbert, & Glen TX11.jpg (99531 bytes)Posterboard in playing room.jpg (81680 bytes) Earl's plaque.jpg (77764 bytes)Prize Fund Payout Shedule posted in playing room TX11.jpg (93811 bytes)

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