2011 WCDF - “Women's World Championship Match”
 Amangul Berdiyeva (Turkmenistan) Vs Hurmagul Toyeva (Turkmenistan) 
took place at the Balkan Welayat in Balkanabat, Turkmenistan, from 3rd - 7th August 2011 (map)

World Three Move Women’s Championship Match 2011

Amangul Berdiyeva (Turkmenistan) Vs Hurmagul Toyeva (Turkmenistan)

The match between Amangul Berdiyeva (nee Durdyeva) (Turkmenistan), the Women's 3-Move World Champion and challenger Hurmagul Toyeva (Turkmenistan) played at the “Balkan Welayat” (a specialized draughts sports school) in Balkanabat, Turkmenistan, from 3rd – 7th August 2011. The match referee was Altyn Gurbanova (Turkmenistan) and assisted by Gultach Madanova (Turkmenistan). The match was to be contested over 20 games. Anyone contributing a minimum of 10 pounds, 15 EUROS or $20 will receive an advanced copy of the games. (These games will not be published until March 2012). Donations can be made via any WCDF Executive Board member.  Hugh Devlin, President of WCDF stated, "This was the first all female WCM, with a female referee and assistant referee officiating."

Amangul Berdiyeva

Congratulations to Amangul for retaining her WCDF Women's 3-Move World Champion title and also best wishes on her recent marriage with hope that she and her husband will have a long and happy life together.

Amangul Berdiyeva (now married), won her GAYP Women's World Title back in October 2005 at the GAYP Qualification World Champion Tournament in Prague.  Amangul won the Women's World 3-Move Championship Title in 2007 at the age of 20 at the All Ireland Open  - International Festival of Draughts at the Inishowen Gateway Hotel in Buncrana, County Donegal, Ireland.  At the time she was a Turkmenistan student who defeated the 31 year old defending World Champion Patricia Breen a Carlow, Ireland accountant, in their WCM with a final score of 8W-2L-6D.  WGM Patricia Breen held her World 3-Move Women's Championship Title since 1993 when she won it from Joan Caws by scoring 8W-1L-5D and defended it for fourteen consecutive years.

youthful, 18 years old, Hurmagul Toyeva in 2007

 Congratulations to (Challenger) Hurmagul Toyeva, the 2010 WQT Women's Champ who earned respectability by winning a game from the World Champion. 

Amangul Berdiyeva successfully defended her Ladies 3-Move World Title over Hurmagul Toyeva by a score of 9-1 with three draws after 13 games, (9W-1L-3D), total score 21-5. The WCDF supported this match which was held in Balkanabat, Turkmenistan and originally scheduled for 20 games on August 3-7, but the match ended early.  Both participants reside in Turkmenistan.

Amangul won games 1,2,3,4, drew 5,6, won 7,8, drew 9, lost 10 which Hoja Durdyev said, "Amangul tried to make a slightly better draw ending into a win but lost it with a horrible blunder, but won 11,12, and 13.")

Some of their openings: 10-15, 23-18, 7-10   11-15, 21-17, 15-19   10-15, 23-19, 6-10   10-14, 22-18, 12-16    9-14, 22-17, 5-9   10-15, 21-17, 6-10   12-16, 21-17, 16-19.

At the closing ceremony both players, champion and challenger sent "thanks letter" to WCDF and TNDC (Turkmenuistan National Draughts Federation) for organizing this great event in a friendly atmosphere to the satisfaction of both players. Congratulations again to both players, organizers, and Amangul for personally defending her title, an impressive performance from her and Hurmangul on her first title match challenge.

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