2011 WCDF - “Women's World Championship Match”
 Amangul Berdiyeva (Turkmenistan) Vs Hurmagul Toyeva (Turkmenistan) 
will take place at the Balkan Welayat in Balkanabat, Turkmenistan, from 3rd - 7th August 2011 (map)

World Checkers Draughts Federation

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28th July 2011

World Three Move Women’s Championship Match 2011

Amangul Berdiyeva (Turkmenistan) Vs Hurmagul Toyeva (Turkmenistan)

The match between Amangul Berdiyeva (nee Durdyeva) (Turkmenistan) and challenger Hurmagul Toyeva (Turkmenistan) will take place at the “Balkan Welayat” (a specialized draughts sports school) in Balkanabat, Turkmenistan, from 3rd – 7th August 2011. The match referee will be Altyn Gurbanova (Turkmenistan) assisted by Gultach Madanova (Turkmenistan). The match will be contested over 20 games. A match fund has been established and anyone contributing a minimum of 10, 15, or $20 will receive an advanced copy of the games. (These games will not be published until March 2012). Donations can be made via any WCDF Executive Board member. We send our best wishes to Amangul on her recent marriage.

World Three Move Championship Match 2011

Alex Moiseyev (USA) Vs Michele Borghetti (Italy)

The match between defending World (3 Move) Champion Alex Moiseyev (USA) and challenger Michele Borghetti (Italy) will take place at Cleveland, Ohio, USA from13th – 23rd August 2011. This match will be contested over 40 games. Alan Millhone will act as referee on behalf of the WCDF. The match sponsors is the LoContis Company who are also preparing two one-day tournaments for beginners to help promote checkers and raise awareness of our world title match system.

World Qualification Tournament (GAYP) 2011

The World Qualification Tournament (QT) 2011 will be held at the “Nyala Hotel” (www.nyalahotel.com) 18038 San Remo, Italy, from Wed 19th October – Sat 22nd October 2011 inclusive. It will be contested over 8 rounds of play using GAYP opening system, and hosted by the Federazione Italiana Dama (FID). This is a restricted entry event and the closing date for nominations from affiliated organizations is 19th September 2011. The QT will be preceded by the “San Remo Open International Tournament” which will be an open two day GAYP event held on Mon 17th & Tue 18th October 2011. This will be contested using a format of fourteen single game rounds. Further information on these events will be found at www.sanremodama.it

Harmonisation of Rules

Following the review of the Rules of Draughts / Checkers undertaken by the WCDF during 2007-2008, and the call for national bodies to align their regulations with these in promoting a singular set of rules for playing the game, it is pleasing to see that the American Checkers Federation (ACF), the English Draughts Association (EDA), and the Scottish Draughts Association (SDA) have all embraced this strategy. While variations remain on how events are organised and rounds are scored, the actual rules for playing the game are now universal for the first time in over a century.

FMJD GA Meeting.

Richard Beckwith attended (on behalf of the WCDF) the FMJD General Assembly Meeting held in Holland during May 2011. He reports that everything remains on course for the 2nd World Mind Sports Games 2012.

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Hugh Devlin (President of WCDF)
email Fri, Jul 29, 2011 at 9:16 AM

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