2011 3-Move WTM  (Borghetti vs Moiseyev)

Game Score: Moiseyev 7W-6L-27  (Tuesday evening, 8/23/2011) - Alex Moiseyev defends his World Title!
Congratulations to both Grand Masters for an exciting "down-to-the-wire" Championship Match.
They played the 40th game to determine prize fund difference, split 50-50 for a drawn match or 60-40 to the winner.

  USTREAM Live video Link

Moiseyev vs Borghetti 2011 WCM-1.jpg (187472 bytes)
Photo by Alan Millhone sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

The WCM opening ceremony took place Saturday morning, Aug. 13th, 9 AM at the World Famous Agora Theatre and Ballroom, a concert & musical club located in Cleveland. The building currently known as the Agora first opened in 1913 as the Metropolitan Theater. Cleveland Agora Theater on 5000 Euclid Avenue # 101 was the venue for Saturday through Tuesday, then WCM moved to the nearby Cleveland Public Library on 325 Superior Avenue for Wednesday. Joe LoConti concluded Wednesday's WCM matches by treating both match teams (minus Alex, who drove back to Columbus to spend his rest day with his family) to an absolutely scrumptious authentic Italian dinner at Michael Angelo's, a five-star Cleveland restaurant. Thanks, Joe-- molto bene!  The GrandMasters had a  rest  day Thursday and started back Friday at the Library (WCM schedule).

A big thanks to Joe LoConti and EVERGREEN-UNI for sponsorship support and Victor Niederhoffer for contributing, which we appreciate. Without these two and several others this WCM would not have been as successfully presented. At the closing ceremony, special thanks were given to Richard Beckwith for organizing the WCM, both sponsor and contributors, Joe LoConti for hotel arrangements, Alan Millhone as referee, Henry LoConti for lunches, John Acker for recording and internet live streaming games,  Maurizio De Leo, Gaetano Mazzilli, and many others who helped. Over $9,000 was raised for this WCM, with hotel, food, and travel expenses deducted it left an ACF $4,000 prize fund to be split 60/40. WCDF supplied the WCM plaques which were presented to the challenger and champion along with their prize money. Vic Niederhoffer was impressed with the sportsmanship demonstrated throughout this World Championship Match with hand shakes and pleasantly congratulating each other after the game by both Grand Masters, he included this above picture on his website and awarded each $500. Michele Borghetti received a €2,000 stipend from the Irish Draughts Association for winning the 2010 WQT and competing in this WCM, in addition to his ACF winnings. The WCM game checkerboards were signed by the Grandmasters and will be given to Vic and Alan. Alex autographed several copies of "The Sixth" and presented them to Maurizio and Michele. Richard, John, Michele, Maurizio, and Alex all spoke during the ceremony, which was caught on cam-recorder and viewable on USTREAM. This WCM was well received and about as exciting and enjoyable a championship match you will ever watch. I would expect more Italian competition in the future. 

This is the fourth consecutive year a Cleveland area World Title Match went down to the last game: 2011 3-Move - WTM (Borghetti vs Moiseyev) Cleveland, OH, (Moiseyev 7-6-27),   2010 GAYP - WTM (Beckwith vs King) Medina, OH, (King 2-1-21),  2009 3-Move (King vs Moiseyev) World Title Match - Cleveland, OH, (Moiseyev 7-6-27),  2008 GAYP - WTM (King vs Kondlo), Medina, OH, (King 7-6-27).

Below: Michele Borghetti in his Monday's game (#12) was in an opening/landing loss which Alex squandered, but kept Michele besieged up to this diagram... but then Michele completely blundered his endgame, and lost!  Their earlier wins came from the Black Hole Opening (10-14, 22-17, 9-13) with both winning the strong white side.

Alex white moves 6-2 "Kings" then instead of 8-11 to draw, Miki moves 25-30 "Kings"... after that, Red resigned, WW!

Youtube interview with Alex Moiseyev, 3-Move Checkers World Champion. Alex talks about his family, his work, and gives a very important piece of advice about succeeding in the game. This interview took place during Alex's August 2011 match with Michele Borghetti.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnduxlauB7g

Credit to John Acker for streaming games on USTREAM Live Video, recording them on (GT) Golden Token's, posting on Facebook, or 3 Interviews.

Game 1   Opening 1: 9-14 22-18 11-16  (draw, Borghetti red)  http://www.goldtoken.com/games/play?g=6993023
Game 2          "                                      "    
(draw, Moiseyev red)  http://goldtoken.com/games/play?g=6993055
Game 3   Opening 2: 10-14 22-17 9-13  “The Black Hole”    
(Borghetti won with white)  http://goldtoken.com/games/play?g=6993199
Game 4          "                                      "               "              "        
(Moiseyev won with white)  http://goldtoken.com/games/play?g=6993302
Game 5   Opening 3: 11-15 21-17 9-14  
(draw, Moiseyev red)  http://goldtoken.com/games/play?g=6994124
Game 6          "                                      "      
(draw, Borghetti red)   http://goldtoken.com/games/play?g=6994193
Game 7   Opening 4: 11-15 22-17 15-19  “Dyke” aka “Black Dyke” 
(draw, Borghetti red)   http://goldtoken.com/games/play?g=6994406
Game 8          "                                      "              "                         "              
(draw, Moiseyev red) http://goldtoken.com/games/play?g=6994933
Game 9   Opening 5: 10-14 24-19 11-16   
(draw, Borghetti red)   http://goldtoken.com/games/play?g=6998963
Game 10        "                                     "         
(draw, Moiseyev red)  http://goldtoken.com/games/play?g=6998978
Game 11 Opening 6: 9-13 23-18 11-16    “The Wilderness II” 
(draw, Moiseyev red)   http://goldtoken.com/games/play?g=6999154
Game 12       "                                      "            "                       "        
(Moiseyev won with white)   http://www.goldtoken.com/games/play?g=6999303
Game 13 Opening 7: 9-13 24-19 11-15    
(draw, Moiseyev red)   http://goldtoken.com/games/play?g=7000002
Game 14       "                                      "        
(draw, Borghetti red)    http://goldtoken.com/games/play?g=7000041        
Game 15 Opening 8: 10-15 21-17 7-10   “The Octopus”     
(Moiseyev won with white)  http://goldtoken.com/games/play?g=7000121
Game 16       "                                      "           "          "                 
(draw, Moiseyev red)  http://www.goldtoken.com/games/play?g=7000110
Game 17 Opening 9: 9-13 22-18 12-16  
(draw, Borghetti red)            http://www.goldtoken.com/games/play?g=7000953                
Game 18       "                                       "       
(Borghetti won with white)   http://www.goldtoken.com/games/play?g=7001076
Game 19 Opening 10: 10-14 23-19 11-16   
(draw, Moiseyev red)   http://www.goldtoken.com/games/play?g=7001140
Game 20
       "                                          "         (draw,
Borghetti red)   Game pdn
Game 21
Opening 11: 9-13 23-18 12-16      (draw, Moiseyev red)   http://www.goldtoken.com/games/play?g=7003037
Game 22
     "                                   "                  (draw, Borghetti red)  http://www.goldtoken.com/games/play?g=7003100
Game 23
Opening 12: 10-14 23-19 7-10  “Diabolical Denny”  (Moiseyev won with white)  http://www.goldtoken.com/games/play?g=7003223

Game 24      "                                           "               "           "          
  (draw, Moiseyev red)          http://goldtoken.com/games/play?g=7003308

Game 25
Opening 13: 10-15 22-17 11-16  (Moiseyev won with white)   
Game 26
     "                                           "       (Borghetti won with white)    http://www.goldtoken.com/games/play?g=7005257  
Game 27
Opening 14: 11-15 24-20 12-16  
(draw, Moiseyev red)            http://www.goldtoken.com/games/play?g=7005453
Game 28      "                                 "                  (Moiseyev won with white)   http://www.goldtoken.com/games/play?g=7005618
Game 29 Opening 15: 9-13 24-20 11-16  “The Twilight Zone”   (Borghetti won with white)  http://www.goldtoken.com/games/play?g=7006161
Game 30       "                                         "              "                   "         (Moiseyev won with white) http://www.goldtoken.com/games/play?g=7006331
Game 31
Opening 16: 10-14 22-18  6-10 
(draw, Borghetti red)    http://www.goldtoken.com/games/play?g=7006466
Game 32
      "                                          "       (Borghetti won with white)   http://goldtoken.com/games/play?g=7006570
Game 33 Opening 17: 9-14 22-17 11-15  
“Double Corner Dyke”  (draw, Borghetti red) 
Game 34       "                                         "             "                          "      
(draw, Moiseyev red)  http://www.goldtoken.com/games/play?g=7007302
Game 35
Opening 18: 11-16 22-18 16-19    
(Borghetti won with white)  http://www.goldtoken.com/games/play?g=7007397
Game 36
      "                                           "       
(draw, Borghetti red)     http://www.goldtoken.com/games/play?g=7007558 
Game 37 Opening 19: 9-14 22-18 5-9  
“Double Corner”      (draw, Borghetti red)     http://www.goldtoken.com/games/play?g=7011664
Game 38      "                                     "             "              "           
(draw, Moiseyev red)     http://www.goldtoken.com/games/play?g=7011737  
Game 39 Opening 20: 12-16 23-18 16-19  
(draw, Borghetti red)   http://www.goldtoken.com/games/play?g=7011881  Moiseyev defends his Title!
Game 40    
 "                                           "       
(draw, Moiseyev red)  http://www.goldtoken.com/games/play?g=7012030   Split prize 60/40

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