2012  11-Man National
was held on February 17th thru 19th 2012 in Greensboro, NC
at Libby Hill Seafood Restaurant, 3011 Randleman Road

Photos by Alan Millhone via BlackBerry sent by email:

John Webster vs Richard Beckwith Rd 1 Masters.jpg (68242 bytes)JR Smith vs Dustin Belcher Rd 3 Majors.jpg (46360 bytes)Bill Salot vs John Webster Rd 2 Masters.jpg (46194 bytes)A problemist at work!  Mr. Bill Salot.jpg (50666 bytes)Dustin Belcher vs Ted Williamson, Tim Laverty helping, Joe McClellan watching.jpg (58066 bytes)Ryan Pronk vs Bill Salot -Masters Rd 7 Beckwith watching.jpg (55672 bytes)Ryan Pronk vs Bill Salot, Masters Rd7.jpg (56079 bytes)Ryan Pronk vs Alan Millhone, Masters Rd9.jpg (57492 bytes)Alan Millhone vs Bill Salot Masters Rd4 shaking hands.jpg (57650 bytes)

Photos by JR:

Bill Stanley - Greensboro, NC.jpg (56656 bytes) Bill Stanley - Senior Player Champ (91 July 22).jpg (60437 bytes) Bill Stanley vs Michael Jordan pickup practice game.jpg (59250 bytes) Bill vs Alan Masters 11-Man National.jpg (68086 bytes) Dr. B.jpg (64471 bytes) Dr. John Webster - Stoneville, NC.jpg (65283 bytes) Bill Salot - Colonial Heights, VA.jpg (50139 bytes) Bill Salot vs Alan Millhone, Gm1Rd4 Masters, Saturday.jpg (77531 bytes) Alan Millhone vs Bill Salot - Masters G1Rd4 Friday 11-Man National.jpg (84196 bytes) Beckwith vs Pronk G1Rd4 Masters.jpg (62455 bytes) Bill McClintock - Greensboro, NC and Joe McClellan - Wilmington, NC bkgrd.jpg (66733 bytes)11-Man-NC Card.jpg (69149 bytes) 1st Round underway Saturday morning, 11-Man Nationals.jpg (78453 bytes) ACF President, Alan Millhone - Belpre, OH.jpg (78336 bytes) Alan Millhone presents 11-Man National Trophy to Dr Richard Beckwith.jpg (88920 bytes) Alan Millhone presents Mike Ross his 11-Man Majors Trophy.jpg (86945 bytes) Alan Millhone presents Teal Stanley 2nd Place 11-Man National Trophy.jpg (76532 bytes) Dr. Richard Beckwith - Willoughby, OH.jpg (67749 bytes) James Atkins - Julian, NC.jpg (64486 bytes) Dr John Webster.jpg (68902 bytes) Joe McClellan - Wilmington, NC.jpg (57292 bytes) James Lyles (Shine) - Greensboro, NC.jpg (74737 bytes)Dustin Belcher vs Bill McClintock Rd5 Majors.jpg (75887 bytes) Dr Webster vs Michael Jordan, Saturday morning 4Rd.jpg (76657 bytes) Dustin Belcher - Madisonville, TN.jpg (67900 bytes) John Webster in 9th Round Masters.jpg (83066 bytes) Laverty vs Webster in 9rd Masters.jpg (74604 bytes) Michael Jordan.jpg (60460 bytes) Michael Jordan - Palms Bay, FL.jpg (74808 bytes) Michael Jordan vs Bill Stanley, pickup game.jpg (74392 bytes) Michael Jordon vs Dr John Webster, Gm1Rd4 Masters 11-Man National Saturday.jpg (76426 bytes) Mike Ross - Burlington, NC.jpg (62637 bytes) John vs Tim Rd9 11-Man National.jpg (84163 bytes)Playing for the Championship, Beckwith 23 pts Teal 22 pts - 9th Rd Masters.jpg (80449 bytes) Rd 7 Masters, Tim vs Webster.jpg (78174 bytes) Round 4 Masters 1-Man Nationals.jpg (65676 bytes) Ryan eating chicken tenders and playing Alan.jpg (77129 bytes) Mike Ross vs Joe McClellan, G1Rd5 Majors Friday, 11-Man National.jpg (76033 bytes) Mike Ross wins 11-Man Majors, Mr. McClintock Congratulating the Champ.jpg (82241 bytes) Morris Auman - Sophia, NC.jpg (70731 bytes) Morris Auman and Mike Ross.jpg (74625 bytes) Teal Stanley vs Alan Millhone 7Rd 11-Man Nationals.jpg (91264 bytes) Teal Stanley vs Alan Millhone Rd7 11-Man Nationals.jpg (90716 bytes) Ryan Pronk vs Richard Beckwith, Saturday morning Masters Gm1 Rd4.jpg (85486 bytes) Stanley vs Beckwith Gm1Rd9, Stanley wins, Beckwith must draw to win 11-Man National Championship.jpg (75609 bytes) Taurus and Olivette Pritchett - Cameron, NC.jpg (88568 bytes) Taurus Pritchett vs Mike Ross, 7Rd Majors.jpg (97074 bytes) Teal Stanley - Greensboro, NC.jpg (55379 bytes) Ted Williamson - Kenova, WV and James Lyles - Greensboro, NC.jpg (68526 bytes) Ted Williamson vs Morris Auman Gm1Rd5 Majors Saturday morning.jpg (77690 bytes) Tim Laverty - Graham, NC03.jpg (55378 bytes) Tim Laverty vs Dr John Webster, 7Rd 11-Man Nationals.jpg (80423 bytes) Trey Stanley - Greensboro, NC.jpg (45417 bytes) Trey, Teal, and Bill Stanley.jpg (62860 bytes) Trophies - 1st & 2nd Place Masters, 1st Place Majors, Senior Player.jpg (82625 bytes) Webster vs Laverty in 9th Rd, 11-Man National.jpg (77366 bytes) Teal Stanley vs Alan Millhone, son Trey Stanley watching.jpg (84064 bytes)

Photos by Gayle:

James Atkins vs James Martin 19.jpg (85087 bytes) Joe McClellan and Alan Millhone 06.jpg (73970 bytes) Joe McClellan vs Trey Stanley 16.jpg (90020 bytes) JR Smith vs Ken Shultz 22.jpg (81273 bytes) Teal Stanley vs Michael Jordan 18.jpg (83607 bytes) Ted Williamson vs Dustin Belcher 07.jpg (81214 bytes) Alan Millhone vs Ryan Pronk, & Beckwith vs Webster 09.jpg (74966 bytes) Bill McClintock vs  Ken Shultz 03.jpg (77403 bytes) Bill Salot and Ryan Pronk, bkgrd Ted Williamson vs Dustin Belcher 02.jpg (81660 bytes) Dr John Webster vs Dr Richard Beckwith 13.jpg (84704 bytes) JR Smith vs Ken Shultz 11.jpg (86142 bytes)Alan Millhone vs Tim Laverty 2.jpg (65372 bytes) Ryan Pronk vs Teal Stanley 1.jpg (88274 bytes) Bill Stanley and Trey Stanley 4.jpg (87182 bytes) Tim Laverty vs Alan Millhone 3.jpg (97144 bytes)

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