2012 WTM 11-Man Ballot (Moiseyev vs Beckwith)
 October 6th, 2012 at the Cleveland Public Library (Main Library), downtown Cleveland, Ohio  (
map )
October 7th - 9th, 2012 at the Rodeway Inn in Medina, Ohio  ( map )

Photos: by John Acker

Mark Sokolovsky at CPL 1st day of 2012 11ManWTM.jpg (106889 bytes)CPL-2.jpg (67252 bytes)CPL-3.jpg (93622 bytes)CPL-4.jpg (95982 bytes)CPL-5.jpg (126605 bytes)CPL-6.jpg (108722 bytes)GM Alex Moiseyev retains his World 11-Man Title with Steve Holliday Official Referee.jpg (57118 bytes)2012 11Man WTM played Oct 7-8-9 at Rodeway Inn in Medina, OH.jpg (70036 bytes)2012 11ManWTM brain food.jpg (54425 bytes)Alex Moiseyev, Steve Holliday-Official RefereeScorekeeper, and Richard Beckwith.jpg (92780 bytes)Steve Holliday shaking hands with Dr Richard Beckwith - 2012 11Man WTM.jpg (6744 bytes)1st day of 2012 11ManWTM at CPL.jpg (90248 bytes)4 rounds play 1st day of 2012 11ManWTM at Main Cleveland Public Library, downtown Cleveland, OH.jpg (121681 bytes)Hall of Cleveland Library, CPL Cleveland, OH - 1st day of 2012 11Man WTM.jpg (92082 bytes)CPL-1.jpg (60850 bytes)Graphic Illustration of Checkers and Draughts variations of the game.jpg (98994 bytes)11Man WTM Hallett vs Oldbury games compiled by J Loy.jpg (46639 bytes)

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