2012 Alabama Open & District 5 in Haleyville, Alabama
  “Basil Case Memorial” 

District 5 contains States: Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee - District 5 Manager: Larry Pollard

 held November 9
th - 10th (Fri-Sat)
in meeting room at the Galley Restaurant, 1260 11th Ave, Haleyville, AL 35565  | 205-486-9620


Clyde Hallmark vs Frank Davis 2nd Rd.jpg (149466 bytes) Don West.jpg (104389 bytes) Albert Tucker vs John Webster 2nd Rd.jpg (122096 bytes) Bobby Blankenship, Guys, TN.jpg (150841 bytes) Roy Harben, Guys, TN.jpg (135011 bytes) Teal Stanley vs Don West 2nd Rd with Clifford Daniels watching.jpg (148480 bytes) Trey Stanley vs Roy Harben 7th Rd.jpg (135278 bytes) JR Smith vs Leonard Hickman 3rd Rd.jpg (140337 bytes) Ken Shultz vs Bobby Blankenship 3rd Rd.jpg (149864 bytes) Ken Shultz, Cosby, TN.jpg (143482 bytes)Lynn Steelman.jpg (122920 bytes) Frank Davis vs Clyde Hallmark 2nd Rd and Mary Davis in bkgd.jpg (140495 bytes) Harvey Kelley and Larry Pollard.jpg (126892 bytes) Roy Harben, Guys, TN clip.jpg (81063 bytes)

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