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World Mind Sports Games 2012

The 2nd World Mind Sports Games will take place at Lille, France, from 9th 23rd August 2012. The game of Draughts (Checkers) will have two events running simultaneously a mens event and a womens event, and the schedule for this will be as follows:




Thursday 16th August 7.30pm Registration of entrants
Friday 17th August 10.00am & 3.00pm Rounds 1 & 2
Saturday 18th August 10.00am & 3.00pm Rounds 3 & 4
Sunday 19th August Free day FMJD Special GA Meeting
Monday 20th August 10.00am & 3.00pm Rounds 5 & 6
Tuesday 21st August 10.00am & 3.00pm Rounds 7 & 8
Wednesday 22nd August 10.00am Round 9
Wednesday 22nd August 19.00 hrs Presentation Ceremony of Medals
Thursday 23rd August 19.00hrs Closing Ceremony of  2nd WMSG

The WCDF Executive Board has agreed to nominate the 2nd World Mind Sports Games 2012 to double as the World Qualification Tournament 2012.

In each of these events the top three players will receive a World Mind Sports Games Gold, Silver, and Bronze medal.

In the mens division the winner will be recognised as the next challenger to the World (3 Move) Championship Match title currently held by Alex Moiseyev (USA).

In addition the WCDF will offer a prize fund as follows; 1st €1,000, 2nd €500, 3rd €250, 4th €100, 5th €100, 6th €100.

The womens event will double as the 1st Womens (3 Move) Championship Tournament where the winner will be recognised as the Womens World (3 Move) Champion 2012, as agreed at the GA meeting San Remo, Italy, last year.

In addition the WCDF will offer a prize fund as follows; 1st €600, 2nd €350, 3rd €200, 4th €100.


These events will be run over 9 rounds using 3 move openings. There is the potential for a play-off round on the final day should two players finish level on points and SB points.


Lille is situated on the Deûle River, near France's border with Belgium

Highlights for the visitor include an attractive old town with a strong Flemish accent, three renowned art museums, stylish shopping, some fine dining options and a cutting-edge, student-driven nightlife scene. The Lillois are justly proud of their reputation for friendliness.
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The playing venue will be the Jeanne de Flandre #2 Room. This can be viewed at


Nearest Airports are Paris or Brussels (both around one hour by train). Eurostar trains ( from London (1¾ hours) via the Channel Tunnel.


Our 1st round offer involves an invitation to all countries affiliated to the WCDF to send 2 men and 2 women players each. However, Britain will get 6 places + 2 women (Great Britain made up of England, Scotland, Wales, & N. Irl), and the USA 3 men + 2 women players (relating to its size and strength). Countries wishing to enter more players can request extra places. Countries will be given an initial 3 weeks to reply (25th April 2012) and depending on feedback of entries from affiliated countries further allocations may be made of available places.

Michele Borghetti (Italy) and Amangul Berdiyeva (Turkmenistan) will have automatic entry from QT 2010.

A number of places will be held for countries affiliated to the FMJD but not directly to WCDF. (In Beijing we had entries from places like Latvia, Ukraine, Russia, China, and Mongolia)

All players will be responsible for their own travel and accommodation expenses, as no sponsorship is available from IMSA. There will be an entry fee of 100 (euro) per entrant payable to the FMJD on behalf of IMSA.

We require the name of players who need an invitation for visa applications (and all necessary data) not later than April 25th 2012. We also require a list of any special requirements for participants by this date.

SportAccord World Mind Games Beijing 2012

The 2nd SportAccord World Mind Games will be held in Beijing, China, during 2012. The FMJD have offered Checkers (WCDF) the opportunity to join them to exhibit the game of “checkers” at this event. The FMJD offer involves the participation of four players and one official / referee (i.e. five persons). They hope to offer free flights and accommodation to the five individuals concerned, and will offer a donation of $5,000 towards a prize fund. The WCDF nominees for this event will be World 3 Move Champion Alex Moiseyev (USA), World GAYP Champion Ron King (Barbados), and Lubabulo Kondlo (South Africa). It is intended that the 4th representative position will be awarded to the top placed player from either Europe or Asia at the 2nd WMSG being held at Lille, France, with the top placed player not already nominated to be the 1st reserve player should anyone be unable to go.

World GAYP Championship Match 2012

The World GAYP Championship Match between defending champion Ron King (Barbados) and challenger Sergio Scarpetta (Italy) will take place at the “Hotel Parco della Rose”, San Giovanni Rotondo, Foggia, Italy from 15th – 20th July 2012. The Referee will be Ian Caws (IOW). Individual donations will be welcomed. Contact any member of WCDF Executive Board or FID.

World GAYP Women’s Championship Match 2012

The World GAYP Women’s Championship Match between defending champion Amangul Berdiyeva (Turkmenistan) and challenger Erika Rosso (Italy) will take place in Italy during 2012. Finals arrangements (dates) are currently being agreed. Individual donations will be welcomed. Contact any member of WCDF Executive Board or FID.

Sincerely yours,

Hugh Devlin (President)

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