1/9/2012 Promoting Checkers and Kim's School Youth Programs:     2011 Link
I received these pictures by email for Ms. Cassandra Juliano, a 6th Grade Teacher and Yearbook sponsor via Kim & Alan.  Kim continues to work in the Eldon School System teaching and promoting checkers.  We know at least one person is growing checkers.  Thank You Kim!  we appreciate your efforts and interest in this youth checker program.

Kim, Eldon, MO 2012.jpg (108427 bytes)Edon, MO 2012-2.jpg (111911 bytes)Eldon, MO 2012-1.jpg (126216 bytes)Kim, 6th Grade, Eldon School, MO 2012.jpg (122273 bytes)Group Picture, 6th Grade, Eldon School, MO 2012.jpg (97902 bytes)