2012 Mississippi State Open Checker Tournament
Saturday - May 26th at Hall II - ICHF, 220 Lynn Ray Road, Petal, MS 39465

(The Mississippi Open is traditionally held every Memorial Day weekend)

The Tournament starts at 8:30AM and represents the MS Open as well as the opening of the continued renovations and additions to the ICHF facility. There will be youth, ladies, beginners, minors, majors, and masters tournaments with awards, gifts, door prizes and a free lunch etc. for all participants.  Charles Walker will referee and coordinate the opening.  We are expecting a good turn out.  Keep us in your prayers.  Best Regards, Charles Walker

please contact: Charles Walker (601)-582-7090 or e-mail:  ichfcheckers@aol.com

Contact: Charles Walker (601)-582-7090 or e-mail:  ichfcheckers@aol.com


The Mississippi State Checkers Championship was held on May 26th at the ICHF in Petal, MS. We had a total of 28 participants in five different categories. The results are as follows:

Children: 9 participants; 1st place Zach Heitzmann, 2nd place Laura Parker, 3rd place Cameron Adams, 4th place Justin Walker, 5th place Landon Thomas

Youth: 3 participants; 1st place Joshua Parker, tied for 2nd place Katie Johnson and Ryan High

Women: 6 participants; 1st place tie Amanda Baker and Linda Seaton, 2nd place tie Nikki Andrews and Sandra Freeman, 3rd place Elizabeth Bartasius

Amateur Men:
5 participants; 1st place Tim Frasier, 2nd place Robbie Andrews, 3rd place Denny Baker

5 participants; played Robin-Robin, 1st place Charles Walker (new State champ), 2nd place Johnny Ramia, 3rd place Danny Pitts, 4th place Bill Parker, 5th place Sam Parker.

The tournament was a double round-robin. Each player played every other player in their group twice. I've enclosed the cross-table for the Majors/Masters group, please adjust our ratings accordingly.

Submitted by Jenni Parker email Friday, June 1, 2012 at 5:03PM, husband Sam is President of Mississippi Checker Club
 2012 MS Open at ICHF in Petal, MS
 3-Move - 5 Rounds -
Saturday, May 26, 2012
 Master Division -  2 GmRds  (Scored by game)  Round Robin   before after         



Name, City, State


Rate Rate


Rd 1

Rd 2

Rd 3

Rd 4 Rd 5




1 CM Charles Walker, Petal, MS 10319 2177 2180 1 bye 5T4 4T4 2T3 3T4


$65.00  2012 Mississippi State Champion
2 Johnny Ramia, Jackson, MS 10464 1975 1957 2 3T2 bye 5T4 1T1 4T2


3 Danny Pitts, Laurel, MS  12694 1600 1636 3 2T2 4T2 bye 5T4 1T0


4 Bill Parker, Laurel, MS 10466 1764 1749 4 5T2 3T2 1T0 bye 2T2 6    
5 Sam Parker, Pass Christian, MS 10334 1164 1194 5 4T2 1T0 2T0 3T0 bye


  Total Prize Fund:                     $130.00  

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