2013 WCM 11-Man Ballot (Laverty vs Moiseyev)
November 8th through 11th, 2013 at the Econo Lodge Hotel, 2133 Hanford Rd, Burlington, NC 27215  (336) 227-1270  (
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2013 11-Man World Championship Contract (Laverty vs Moiseyev)

WCDF World 11-Man Ballot Title Match Contract

  1. The match will be played between the World 11-Man Ballot Match Champion GM Alexander Moiseyev from the Dublin, Ohio, USA, and IM Tim Laverty (Challenger) from Graham, North Carolina, USA. (Hereinafter referred to as the players.)
  2. The match referees will be Teal Stanley and J.R. Smith both from Greensboro, NC, USA. LiveStream to internet will be provided by Travis Weddle from Roanoke, Virginia, USA.
  3. The referees or media specialist will have no liability to the players.
  4. The match will begin at the Econo Lodge in Burlington, NC at 10:00 AM on Friday, November 8th and conclude at the designated playing room on the 2nd floor, room 245 in the Econo Lodge Hotel on Monday evening, November 11th 2013.
  5. The prize fund will be divided 60/40 between the winner and runner-up of the match.  In the event of a tied match, it will be divided 50/50.
  6. The match will consist of 16 games.
  7. Games will be played at 24 moves per hour, with 24 moves required per each additional hour in addition to any unused time.
  8. 4 games will be played each day.
  9. Play will commence at 10:00 AM the first day and 9:30 AM thereafter each day of the WTM or at referee discretion.  Clocks may be started on absent players.
  10. An opening from 11-Man Ballot deck is selected after both players are present (except for late arrival).  No opening is to be repeated during the match.  Openings will be discarded where only one side loses a piece.  Both players may mutually agree to reject an opening thought to be unsound.
  11. After drawing for colours for Game 1, colours will alternate each day as follows:  RWWR WRRW RWWR WRRW etc.
  12. Both players shall record games.  Players with 5 minutes or fewer prior to a time control may make a tick on the scoresheet and recover the moves immediately after the time control.
  13. Unless otherwise specified here, WCDF rules will govern play.
  14. The winner will be declared World 11-Man Ballot Champion. In the event of tied match, the current title holder, Alexander Moiseyev will remain World 11-Man Ballot Champion.


    Champion: __________________________________________________________  Date ____________
    (Alexander Moiseyev)

    Challenger: __________________________________________________________  Date ____________
    (Timothy Laverty)

    WCDF President:: ____________________________________________________  Date ____________
    (Richard Beckwith)

    ACF President:: ______________________________________________________  Date ____________
    (Alan Millhone)

    Match Referee: ______________________________________________________  Date ____________
    (Teal Stanley)

    Match Referee: ______________________________________________________  Date ____________
    (J.R. Smith)

    Media Specialist: _____________________________________________________  Date ____________
    (Travis Weddle)

    STATE OF_________________

    COUNTY OF________________

          I, _________________________, a Notary Public of said County and State, do hereby certify that the above individuals personally appeared before me this day and acknowledged the execution of the foregoing instrument.

         Witness my hand and official seal, this the _____ day of____________, 201__.


                                           _________________________________ (Seal)

                                                                 Notary Public

         My Commission Expires:



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