2013 Hatfield & McCoy Checker Tournament 

  at Silver Dollar City Main Street Area, Branson, MO 65616 - Thursday, July 4th, 2013 

George and Darlene Stallsworth reported via email on the Silver Dollar City Checker Tournament in Silver Dollar City, Branson, Missouri. They held their third annual checker tournament on Thursday, the 4th of July with a good number of participants taking part in the event. George and Darlene, once again were invited out to their checker tournament so George could help with the tournament as officially covering and explaining the standard tournament rules of checkers. It was heartwarming to see children, parents, and grandparents participating in the tournament truly upholding Silver Dollar City’s “An American Tradition” theme. This year Darlene reported that both she and George played in the tournament, and the competition in the adult group was lively with Joe McDaniel dominating that group. Several players showed potential to become good checker players. Nalin won the 5-12 age group, Brady won the 13-18 group, and Joe McDaniel from Tulsa, Oklahoma won the over age 19 group. Joe is also a Missouri Newsletter subscriber and a Missouri Checker Association member. We had never met until we were in Silver Dollar City that day. They don't keep score like we do at the checker tournaments. They use a playoff schedule, posting the results on a tripod bulletin board showing the player who won the best 2 out of 3 games in their match in their group, then the winner plays another player until they have a winner. Darlene wrote, “Would you believe I even won my first match!”  “But then, I let Ray Mathis walk all over me.”  “I told him I was playing give-away.”  It is real nice to see the people who stop by all day and play a game of checkers. Attached are a few pictures. In 2011 George got a surprise when a former Louisiana champion, Harvey Shaffer showed up, and last year Ray Mathis from Western Grove, Arkansas, played in the tournament. He won the 25 and up class and played again this year. If any of you ever visit Silver Dollar City, you might see Abner and Zeke (employees at Silver Dollar City) and play a game of checkers with them. Or next year you might visit them on the 4th of July for their annual checker tournament.  Before the tournament began, George covered the basic rules of checkers and assisted “Abner” Ron Watkins and “Zeke” Mike Tilden with the event when needed. A comment George heard repeatedly that day was, “My Grandfather taught me to play checkers.” Plaques and a ticket to the Water Park were given in 3 classes: 5-12, 13-18, and over 19 (adults). Everyone had a good time and throughout the day, many people stopped at the checker boards that were set up and played a game. Our thanks to Ron Watson (Abner) for inviting us to attend. submitted by Darlene Stallsworth email Thur, 7/11/13 10:17 pm

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