Louisville ACF Youth Checker Club

Weekly Checker Club meeting at this address, starting December 5th, 2013:
5629 Outerloop
Louisville, KY 40219 (


The “BluegrassMagic Gameshop” has hosted a chess club for years, and now The Louisville ACF Youth Checker Club will meet weekly, every Thursday. We play checkers in a supportive environment to improve knowledge and skill as well as fun and friendship. We will also have ACF Sanctioned Youth Tournaments. Contact: Michael Holmes or 502-767-2725

I used Win TD to setup the matches. There is just one game per round and the round is Go-As-You- Please.  It is 1 point for a win. 1/2 point for a draw. Three rounds were played. Using the information below you can see that a W is for win and the number after that is the number of the person he played which is to the extreme left of that person. The number in parenthesis is their youth member number. An L is a loss and a B is a bye. The number to the far right is the total score. Congrats to Schuyler Nuckolls who won $20.00 with a perfect score!

Checkers -- Checkers December 5th 2013 Cross Table, Page 1


Player's Name Member # Rate Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Score
1 Nuckolls, Schuyler



W5 W4 W2 3.0
2 Nuckolls, Reid 


600 W7 W3 L1 2.0
3 Hoback, Trey


600 B L2 W7 2.0
4 Hobbs, Marcus


600 W6 L1 W5 2.0
5 Dominguez, Ramiro


600 L1 B L4 1.0
6 Warren, Trevon 


600 L4 L7 B 1.0
7 Benton, Jason


600 L2 W6 L3 1.0

I will be downloading a program to update their ratings. I started them out at 600 points - Michael Holmes.

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