2013 ACF District 7 Open Championship
District 7 contains States: Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Wisconsin - District 7 Manager: George Stallsworth

Saturday, August  10th 2013

The ACF District 7 Open Tournament at the Joyce Raye Patterson Center, 100 S. 10th Street, St. Joseph, MO 64501 (map

The ACF District # 7 Open Championship will be held on Saturday, August 10, 2013, at the Joyce Raye Patterson Center, 100 S. 10th Street, St. Joseph, MO. We will play 6 rounds only with a 45 minute time limit per game. The tournament should conclude by 3:30-4:00.

We will use the Swiss system as the method of pairings for the tournament. Registration starts at 8:00; play will start at 9:00 a.m. The entry fee will go into the prize fund and given back to the players after some miscellaneous expenses. For more information contact George Stallsworth, 816-689-2859 or email


The District 7 Tournament was held at the Joyce Raye Patterson Senior Center in St. Joseph, Missouri, on August 10.   There were 2 players from Nebraska, 1 from Illinois and 4 from Missouri.  We had a surprise visit from Max and Nancy Nuss from Levenworth, Kansas.  They presented each player with books from his father, C.W. Nuss's checker library.  Our thanks to them for their donation.  We also want to thank Bryce Morville for his donation to the prize fund.  A second surprise was when the reporter from our local television station showed up.  Entry fees were $70.00 plus $20.00 donation making $90.00 total.  The playing room fee was $5.00 making the total prize fund $85.00.

There was a small story on the Saturday evening 10:00 news (KQTV 2 Saint Joseph).

George Stallsworth - 2013 District 7 Champion

(Official Crosstable Results)
District 7 - Single Division 3-Move / Six 2 game rounds of round robin of 1 hours per game or 2 hours per round - playing 6 rounds Saturday.  
2013 District 7 Open
B Class Division By Round, 2Gm
  Before  After                    


 Name  City, State






Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6  Pts.



1  Joe McIntosh Saint Joseph, MO 12668 1707 1754 6 1T2 T3 3T3 5T4 2T1 7T4 17 $40
2  Bryce Morville Dalton City, IL 12662 1897 1883 2 5T2 4T2 7T2 byeT3 6T3 3T3 15 $30
3  Jim Albin Omaha, NE 12456 1618 1663 3 byeT3 1T4 6T1 4T3 7T2  2T1 14 $15
4  George Stallsworth Saint Joseph, MO 10226 1608 1630 1 6T2 3T0 byeT3 7T0 4T4 5T4 13  2013 District 7 Champion 
5  Wilma Woverton Grain Valley, MO 10114 1588 1630 7 4T2 5T2 2T2 1T4 3T2 6T0 12
6  Donald Day Republic, MO 10487 1673 1624 4 7T2 2T2 5T2 3T1 1T0 byeT3 10  last tournament was 2009 MO State Open
7  John Pestal Omaha, NE 10283 1679 1648 5 2T2 7T2 4T2 6T0 byeT3 1T0 9

It was announced before the tournament started that the District 7 Champion would have to be both a resident of the district and an ACF member.  George Stallsworth was the highest eligible player so he is the new District 7 Champion.


2013 District 7 Group Photo:

L-R: Jim Albin, Joe McIntosh, Wilma Wolverton, George Stallsworth, John Pestal, Bryce Morville, Donald Day

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