2013 Florida Stake Match (Earl Morrison v Joe Schwartz)
Monday - Sunday - April 1st through April 7th, 2013

held at Schwartz's condominium # 714, Oceanview Park, 1000 Parkview Drive, Hallandale, Florida 33009

Joe Schwartz and Earl Morrison had planned to play a separate "Stake Match" of 24 games; winner takes all ($1,000 stake each).  The match was to follow the Florida State Open tournament after a few daysí rest.  I remember seeing Earl working on the contract the evening we finished the Florida State.  I think I hear Joe had a 3-4 day cruise planned immediately after the FL Open.  I understand from talking with Joe (left a voice mail, April 9th) about the match, which was extended to 40 games and mostly draws playing selected 3-move openings from the 156 deck.  Joe indicated he had a few more wins over Earl, like 2-3.  I'm not sure how they divvied up the chips but know those two, they probably come to a gentleman's agreement and took in more Florida sunshine and paradise!

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