2013 ACF National GAYP Tournament
Carl Reno Tournament Honoree  
held Monday, July 29th through Friday, August 2nd, 2013 at The Holiday Inn I-275 North, in Cincinnati, OH 45241 (513) 563-8330   (
map )

2013 National Tournament Prize Fund

Our Donors

 Gary Abdella
 John Acker
 Karl Albrecht
 Richard Beckwith
 Roger Blain
 Ramon Dionisio
 George Gerhauser
 George Hay
 Steve Holliday
 Gary Jenkins
 Joe LoConti
 Alan Millhone

 Missouri Checker Association
 Alex Moiseyev
 Earl Morrison
 Bryce Morville
 Victor Niederhofferv
 Oldbury Fund
 JR Smith
 Albert & Sue Tucker
 Charles Walker
 John Webster
 Ted Williamson

                                                 Total Donations: $2,200

Tournament Prize Fund Payout & Expenses:


$3,920   Majors $1,280   Minors


1 $1,220   1 $350    $250 to top U-1700 finisher  
2 $860   2 $265      
3 $650   3 $200    Donations as of 8/1/13:  $2,200
4 $430   4 $125    Oldbury Fund (top 5 Masters)  $1,500
5 $275   5 $95    Entry Fees (12x$92=$1104 + 12x$52=$626) = Total $1,730)  $1,730
6 $115   6 $60      
7 $100   7 $50    ACF Tournament Expenses  
8 $70   8 $40    Room Rental $1,213
9 $60   9 $30    Movie Projector rental $115
10 $55   10 $25    Copying/Printing $20
11 $45   11 $20    Hotel Room for Honoree $85
12 $40   12 $20    Total ACF Expenses: $1,433
 Entry Fees: Minors (rated 0-1699) $35 in advance, $45 onsite, Majors (rated 1700-1999) $50 in advance, $60 onsite, Masters (rated 2000+) $85 in advance, $100 onsite.

If you wish to help the ACF cover its tournament expenses, please see Alan or John, Thanks you for your support!

The top Masters prize will be $1,220, and the top Majors prize will be $350. Since the Minors and Majors are playing together, there will also be a bonus $250 prize to the top Minor (1700 rating or less) finisher. A Total Prize Fund of $5,450.00. The prize was divided as 72% to Masters, 23.5% to Majors, and 4.5% to Minors. I know, its off $20. The ACF spent about $1400 to put on this tournament; most of that expense is from the room rental. Obviously that's considerably more than we intended to spend, but it was unavoidable given our legal obligations and low tournament attendance. None of the hosts I considered for this event offered an outright free playing room (all made it a condition of meeting minimum purchase obligations), and I doubt any will do so next year either. I encourage whoever takes the lead on the 2014 Nationals to budget for this expense, and to consider that it may be necessary to spend some of the prize fund on facility fees. - by John Acker (Facebook USA Checkers)

ACF paid the publishing expense of $306 for the bid of 1000 ACF brochures which were designed by Joe Moore. If you add tax, shipping & handling to this you get a total of $350. This paid for mailing them to District Managers and other ACF promoters.  John Acker also did a pre-tournament National postcard mailing of 250 which reached nearly all of our US members (a few addresses didn't get processed correctly).  This was a turn key job by Vistaprint costing $107.48.

John Acker negotiated an original venue bid with Holiday Inn Cincinnati, I-275 North for a guaranteed block of 30 rooms to secure the playing room at a cost of $350 per day. Not a bad deal for a 4 star hotel, $71/night (plus tax) for double queens, with a free hot breakfast buffet every morning of the tournament, and a free playing room. We got all the finest amenities you would expect with a nice hotel, and it had a nice heated indoor pool & seasonal outdoor pool, exercise room, fast WI-Fi & 24-hour Business Center, it had its own restaurant and bar, courtesy of Max & Erma's. As John implied to above conditions, you can only consider about 1/2 of your expected attendance (players) to stay at the venue. We had 25 players to sign up to play and one leaving, plus our honor guest and a few others. We fell short on the rooms and cut the tournament a day shorter creating more expense than was planned. So you need to figure your attendance accurately or negotiate the venue playing room into the cost of the rooms, the way Bedford Super 8 does it for our Virginia Open, the Tennessee Open in Lebanon, and Lopez does his District 9 in Las Vegas that way.

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