“The 2013 ACF National GAYP Tournament”
"Carl Reno Tournament Honoree " 

Scheduled week of

July 29th - August 3rd 2013

The Holiday Inn I-275 North, in Cincinnati, OH 45241  (513) 563-8330

The ACF National Checker Tournament will be held Monday, July 29th - Saturday, August 3rd, 2013 in The Holiday Inn I-275 North, in Cincinnati, OH. (http://www.hicincy.com) 513-563-8330.  This link for details:  http://acfnationals.com/ and also to pre-register online.

The American Checker Federation (ACF) is pleased to announce its 2013 National Freestyle Checkers Tournament!  This year's tournament honors Carl Reno, a master player in Go-As-You-Please or freestyle checkers, and a longtime supporter of the ACF and the game.  Carl is best known as the author of The Work of The Pentium, a dynamic checkers textbook covering new and unexplored opening lines.  It was among the first checkers books to integrate careful and substantial computer analysis, changing the way we think about studying checkers forever!  Copies of Carl's book will be available at the tournament, and he's graciously agreed to donate all proceeds to the ACF's Dream Young Fund, to benefit youth checkers.  You can also reserve your copy when you register for the tournament.  Our host for this tournament is the Holiday Inn in Cincinnati, Ohio, located on the north I-275 loop, about 20 minutes from the Cincinnati Airport.  The Holiday Inn is offering us a great deal: a room rate of $71/night (plus tax), a free hot breakfast buffet every morning of the tournament, and a free playing room.  To get those benefits, we need to guarantee them a certain amount of business, so we're asking all tournament players to stay there for the duration of the event.  To make your reservation, call the hotel at (513) 563-8330 and ask for the American Checker Federation rate.  You must reserve a room by July 6 to receive the discount.  Please reserve your rooms early, to ensure we have enough space for everyone!  During the tournament, you can follow all the action-- including live video and round-by-round score updates-- here at acfnationals.com.  Questions?  Please email Tournament Director, John Acker at acker.jt@gmail.com or call him at 217-778-3451.  See you in Cincy!

You can read more about the tournament at http://www.acfnationals.com and you can donate online via the AC Store http://www.usacheckers.com/store/index.php?route=product%2Fproduct&path=65&product_id=52 or via our GiveZooks page: http://checkers.givezooks.com/events/2013-national-go-as-you-please-checkers-tournament  Also for the first time we're offering online registration for the ACF's National Tournament. You can register, reserve a copy of "The Work of the Pentium" or donate to the prize fund all on one page - CheckersGiveZooks   You can also print a PDF registration form and mail it in.  Early registration saves you money and helps us plan the event more efficiently, and hopefully it will become a feature of future tournaments. Here are the Zooks online registration costs, which includes a small transaction fee: Minors (rated 0-1699) $35 in advance, $45 onsite, Majors (rated 1700-1900) $50 in advance, $60 onsite, Masters (rated 2000+) $85 in advance, $100 onsite. The prize fund is building in addition to the Obury Fund draw, as of 6/8/2013 we have $1,300 plus Mr. Victor Niederhoffer donated $500 to National and $500 to the WCM. If you're flying into Cincinnati, you'll want to use the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport: http://www.cvgairport.com/. It's about 20 minutes from the tournament hotel on I-275 loop, and we'd be glad to give you a ride to and from the hotel if you let us know your arrival and departure times. We are listed as  National Freestyle Checkers Tournament - events.local12.com

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