2013 New England States Open & District 1 Championship
District 1 contains States: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, & Vermont
   District 1 Manager: Richard White

 held at the home of Richard White, 8 Pine Street, Dover, Massachusetts 02030-2423 (map) - Saturday, June 22, 2013

2013 District 1 & New England States (GAYP) Open

Joe Margolin - Westwood, MA.jpg (14421 bytes)

Congratulations! Joe Margolin
2013 MA State & District 1 Champion

GAYP - 1 single game per 7 Rounds - Round Robin (30 minutes per game)

Player - City




 Rd 1

Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Rd 7 Pts HH*


1  Bill Wheeler - South Easton, MA 10194 1534 1507 2T1 3T2 4T0 6T2 7T2 BYE 5T0 7 0


 2-way tie on game points

2  Fred Follis - Chelsea, MA 12605 1520 1477 1T1 4T2 3T2 5T0 BYE 7T1 6T0 6 1 6

 3-way tie on game points

3  John Hanagan - Haverhill, MA 12726 1600 1453 4T0 1T0 2T0 BYE 5T0 6T0 7T0 0   7  
4  Jacob Zandelis - Newton, MA 12649 1581 1536 3T2 2T0 1T2 7T1 6T1 5T1 BYE 7 2 2

 2-way tie on game points

5  Joe Margolin - Westwood, MA 10210 2039 1879 6T2 7T1 BYE 2T2 3T2 4T1 1T2 10   1

 2013 District 1 & MA State Champion

6  Richard White - Dover, MA 10211 1734 1616 5T0 BYE 7T1 1T0 4T1 3T2 2T2




 3-way tie on game points

7  Steve Kelly - Medford, MA 10214 1616 1538 BYE 5T1 6T1 4T1 1T0 2T1 3T2 6 2 5

 3-way tie on game points

8  Chase Teeson - Dover, MA 12728 unrated 1600                    

 1st time, 5 yr old, District 1 Junior Champion

  • Congratulations! To Joe Margolin from Westwood, Massachusetts as the winner of the 2013 District 1 & Massachusetts State Championship.
  • Once again Joe Margolin won the tournament out right, this makes his 6th MA State Title (06,07,09,11,12, & 13) and 4th District 1 Title (09,11,12, & 13).
  • Tied for 2nd were the two oldest players Bill Wheeler and Jacob Zandelis. In a 3-way tie for 4th-6th were Fred Follis, Steve Kelly, and Richard White, followed by John Hanagan. Playing for the first time was 5-year old Chase Teeson of Dover MA, who made up the Junior Division and is District 1 Junior Champion. We hope he’ll return and bring down the steadily increasing average age and decreasing number of entrants.
  • All players were from the state of Massachusetts this year, and no one was undefeated in this single game GAYP round-robin tournament. The other New England States: CT, ME, NH, RI, and VT titles were not contested. The last CT State Champion was Walt Watrous in 2012, ME State Champion was John Michalowski in 2009, and Ed McDuffee keeps his 2009 NH Title. The last RI Champ was Mike Magnelli in 2008, and VT State Championship is vacant.
  • ACF Rating - before this tournament, supplied by ICH Checkers www.icheckers.net.  Program written by Vadim Khavinson, calculated by Eric Strange, and updated by JR Smith.  icheckers ratings  Your new rating considers your performance against opponents in this tournament.
  • New tournament players enter the system at a 1600 point base rating. They increase or decrease their rating by playing with other "rated" players (more than 20 games).  Players are unrated (less than 20 games) until they have played at least 20 games. The unrated player can not change a rated player's rating no matter what the result.  The unrated player will decrease their rating if they draw or lose to a lower "rated" player or increase their rating if they draw or win against a higher "rated" player.  In the scenario two unrated players play each other, both their ratings will not change no matter what the result.
  • Tournament was a GAYP, single game Round Robin, 7 players, scored by game, and the T separates player's opponent from player's game points for that round.
  • We appreciate Richard and Catherine White for graciously hosting the event at their home and providing lunch, coffee and snacks.
  • No entry fee, no prize money, but you get your name on a plaque.
  • Crosstable results reported by Richard White via email Sun, Jun 23, 2013 at 2:58 PM.
Player's Name    1234567     pts  placed  H-H*  Comments:

1 Bill Wheeler   x120022      7    2-3     0 

2 Fred Follis    1x22001      6     4      1
3 John Hanagan   00x0000      0     7      
4 Jacob Zandelis 202x111      7    2-3     2

5 Joe Margolin   2221x21     10     1           District 1 and MA Champion
6 Richard White  02210x1      6    2-3     3
7 Steve Kelly    012111x      6    2-3     2

The tournament is paired 1st round by the director Richard White and after that, finished players pair themselves with
whoever is available until everyone has played each other. No clocks, time limits, or lunch breaks, this way those who want to take a little longer can, and once the game is over, they record the results and move on to the next available players. *The honor points are figured as who got the most points of the total points between the tied opponents when they played each other "Head-To-Head"


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