2013 Pennsylvania State & District 3
Saturday & Sunday - August 17th & 18th, 2013

The 2013 Pennsylvania State / District 3 Open Checker Tournament
District 3 contains States: District of Columbia (Washington, D.C.), Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania - Jason Solan is D3 Manager. 
The event will be held Saturday, August 17th and Sunday, August 18th, 2013 at the Days Inn Carlisle North; 1825 Harrisburg Pike, Carlisle, PA 17015.   It's closer to the turnpike and there are several nearby restaurants (including a Waffle House about 1 mile south). A 24 hour diner is within a short walking distance.  It's a few miles north of the venue we've held it the past couple of years. If anyone books at the old venue (or anywhere else in town), we can arrange for rides out to the playing room.

The tournament will be 3-Move restriction with 7 Swiss rounds, with 2 and half hours per round. Registration will be from 7:30-8:15 am Saturday. There will be a business meeting from 8:15-9:00 am and play will begin at 9 am. The Days Inn Carlisle, North is located at 1825 Harrisburg Pike, Carlisle, PA.  Rooms are $49 + tax (9%), mention you are there for the checker tournament for the discounted rate. The phone number is 717-245-2242. The entry fee is $20.  ACF membership requirement waived for first time tournament players, but membership required to win the state or district title.

When: Sat, Aug 17, 7:30 am Sun, Aug 18, 4 pm Eastern Time
Where: Days Inn Carlisle North,
1825 Harrisburg Pike, Carlisle, PA 17015  717-245-2242  (map)
Who: Jason Salon webmaster@usacheckers.com or 717-884-8805 / jason.solan66@gmail.com or solman66@yahoo.com 


The 2013 Pennsylvania State / District 3 Open Checker Tournament is over and reported by Joe Moore on August 18 and published on USA Checkers Forum & facebook.

Here's Joe Moore's report on the 2013 Pennsylvania State Tournament:

Congratulations, Joe!
(1st place & PA/D3 Champ)

Congratulations, Laverne!
(2nd Place)

Congratulations, Alex!
 (3rd Place)

Congratulations, Jason!
 (4th Place)

(Official Crosstable Results)
Single Division 3-Move / Three 2 game rounds of Round Robin of 11/4 hours per game or 2.5 hours per round - playing 3 rounds Saturday.  
2013 Pennsylvania & District 3 Open
Masters Division By Round, 2Gm
  Before  After            


 Name - Age  City, State





Rd 2 Rd 3  Pts.



1  Joe Moore - 28  Levittown, PA 12644 2158 2159 2T2 3T4 4T4 10 $120  2013 PA & District 3 Champion


 LaVerne Wray  - 34  York, PA 12516 1974 1990 1T2 4T2 3T4 8 $80  


 Alex Weaver  - 45  Hackensack, NJ 10042 1781 1775 4T3 1T0 2T0  3* $50
4  Jason Solan  - 30  Carlisle, PA 10282 1820 1807 3T1 2T2 1T0 3 $20  
*Alex Weaver gets 3rd place since he won the round against Jason in their (head to head) round.

Very small turnout this year, but still a very fun tournament. We all had a blast. A decent playing room and very friendly service, which was very helpful. Jason did a good job putting this tournament together despite all the adversity that surrounded the PA tournament this year. He also took us all out to dinner after the tournament was over and paid for our meals. The food was great too. Unfortunately, the tournament took place months later than usual and fell on same weekend as the Mid-Ohio, which greatly contributed to the small turnout. We will try to schedule it next year in mid June as usual. I also have some other ideas I will share later on. A big thanks to Jason and all participants who showed up to make the tournament happen! 

This tournament was cut from a two day event to a one day ty because of the small turnout. 

The Keystone Checker Trust provided $190 plus a $20 entry fees made the total prize fund of $270.00 

Good to see Alex Weaver back playing tournament checkers, his last two tournaments were 2009 NC State Open and the 2009 GAYP National.

Jason Solan added these comments: Yes, this event was a huge disappointment after all the date/venue switching, though I hope everyone had a good time.  On a bright note, I would imagine this event probably had the youngest average age of a non-youth checker tournament in quite a long time. Imagine, and average age of 34 years old when the ACF core membership is 73.  Now look back through NCCA's front page news and see that we lose approximately 20 player each year since they have been posting the list of obituaries.

Here it the round breakdown: R1 Weaver 3 - Solan 1 | Moore 2 - Wray 2,  R2 Moore 4 - Weaver 0 | Wray 2 - Solan 2 (WW) | R3 Wray 4 - Weaver 0 | Moore 4 - Solan 0

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