Minutes of our annual 2014 North Carolina Checker Association Business Meeting - Date: Friday 5/16/2014   9:00am - 9:30am

Call to order:

A regular annual business meeting of the North Carolina Checker Association was held at Econo Lodge Hotel, 2133 Hanford Rd, Burlington, NC 27215 on May 16, 2014. The meeting convened at 9:00am, President Teal Stanley called the meeting to order. The yearly meeting was before the 124th Annual 2014 State Tournament "In Memory of Bill McClintock" which was also scheduled at Econo Lodge Hotel, 2133 Hanford Rd, Burlington, NC 27215. In the 9:00am business meeting, NCCA President Teal Stanley welcomed 16 players to the 124th Annual 2014 North Carolina Open Checker Tournament from 3 States: 11 from NC; 4 from OH; and 1 from SC. We especially appreciate and welcome the Ohio players who drove over 500 miles, making a long 9 hour trip to be here.

  • Receiving communications:

  • JR Smith, NCCA Secretary reported on behalf of Treasurer that the rules changed December 31, 2006 called “Pensions and Protections Act 2006” which states that all Tax Exempt Organizations must now file a Federal Tax Return; Exception: Churches and Faith based organizations. Charities & Other Non-Profits entities fact Automatic Revocation of Exemption if they haven’t filed in the past 3 years.  NCCA is current on filing their required 990 tax return. Also IRS announced in their EO Update / e-News for Charities & Nonprofits electronic newsletter they were revising Form 1023 and introducing Form 1023-EZ (application for exemption status) and a reduced application fee based on gross assets and gross income.

    Approval of minutes:  2013 minutes of the  NCCA meeting at Libby Hill Seafood Restaurant on Randleman Rd, Greensboro, NC, May 17, 2013 are available to members on-line at the NCCA website under Minutes Book, also available in the NCCA’s Official Records notebook or distributed copy to members before this meeting, thus the May 17th, 2013 Minutes were not necessary to be read but approved by presiding officer, Teal Stanley as read, printed, or available. 2013 minutes were approved  at the annual NCCA Business Meeting on May 16th  2014.  All annual business meeting minutes are available on line. Robert’s Rules of Order (NCCA outline)

    Unfinished Business:  none

    [How should we play this State Tournament?]

    Because of  low attendance we reduced the playing field to one group and set the entry fee at $20.00 for a single "A" Class Division. We voted to play a Single Swiss Division with a Masters and a Majors bracket, to distinguish Master and Major State Champions and determine prize money by paying through both class brackets. Trophies award to each class.  We will re-pair opponents only in the last round when necessary, and possibility a third re-pair in the top positions.   We also voted that a 3 point bye would be awarded to the lowest opponent; thereafter, to the lowest opponent as 2 points if multiple byes, and 4 points for a forfeit.  We will played two 1. 25 hour games per round, or eight 2.5 hour round tournament,  starting at 10AM on Friday and 8:00AM on Saturday and finishing by 5:30PM Saturday evening.  If the game is not completed on time, then a move per minute for 10 minutes.  If the move per minute does not create a decision, then the referee will make a decision for the results.  Either opponent may request referee to conclude 1st game on time after an hour, so 2nd game will start on time.

    Adjournment: Our meeting adjourned at 9:30am Friday, 5/16/2014 and a copy of the Financial Report, Annual Report, and Minutes are available to members on-line.  We started our 2014 NC State Open at 9:31am in the same conference room # 247.


    __Teal Stanley___________            _________J.R.  Smith________                5/16//2014____
    Teal Stanley, President of NCCA            JR Smith, Secretary of NCCA               (Approved Date)


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