The US National Checkers Tournament (3-Move) will be held in Louisville, KY from July 23 thru 27 at the BLUEGRASSMAGIC GAMESHOP. The address is 5629 Outer Loop, Louisville, KY  40219. (map) 502-964-1170. The Youth National will be Saturday, July 19th. The place we are holding the tournament is only open five days a week.  Some players have suggested playing more people. To do this, we would have to either play quicker or fewer rounds, or switch to more two-game rounds (see below ballot). Another matter that we would like feedback on is the time. Instead of opening at noon, the business can open up at 10 am for $50.00 per day (to be raised & donated). A vote on this by all divisions is requested on whether to open earlier.   Yes   No  (Circle one)

All Members planning to attend a future 3-move National vote for #1 or #2 by circling number (with secondary voting offered depending on primary vote):

1)      Retain traditional format, 4-game rounds for all divisions, but adapted to 5 days for Masters only by doing (Masters, select one of the following by circling A or B):

A.  Play  8 rounds, but with reduced time for each game as appropriate for the hours the site is available.

B.   Reduce to 7 rounds with the first four days being played with 1 1/2 rounds per day, and the last day has 1 round.

Note: Masters continue to use four-game rounds with ballot scoring & tough deck (as needed); other divisions score by game (8-point rounds). 

2)      Revamp to a 4-5 day tournament with two-game rounds & more rounds, with the idea to play 22-30 total games by most suitable means possible (round-robin or Swiss or some hybrid), which will be very dependent on how many sign up at tournament registration.  Example of ideal format is 13 two-game rounds (=2-3-3-3-2 for 5 days).  Rounds will be scored by (all divisions vote by circling A or B):

A. Score by GAME (2 points for a win, one point for a draw, 4 points at stake, 0-1-2-3-4 points possible, win+draw = 3 pts.)

B. Score by BALLOT (Score 4 points for a won ROUND, two points for a drawn round, 4 points at stake, 0-2-4 points possible, as win+draw = 4 pts.)

Note:  our ratings processor has indicated our ratings calculation encounters increased difficulties when processing ballot scoring.

Division(s) you intend to enter, as permitted by ratings criteria  (circle) :   Masters    Majors    Minors


Sign _______________________________  Send completed ballot (photocopy OK) to Richard Beckwith, 34490 Ridge Road #115, Willoughby, OH 44094 by March 3.


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