2015 Request for a contribution to 11-Man Ballot WTM ( Laverty vs Moiseyev)
January 16th  - January 19th in Burlington, NC

I’m asking you to help me sponsor the 11-Man World Title Match between Tim Laverty and Alex Moiseyev on January 16th through 19th, next Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  

You may read all the details at this link: http://www.nccheckers.org/NCCA/2015%20WTM%2011-Man%20Laverty%20vs%20Moiseyev.htm

The reason this is an important match is because it will allow the best US 11-Man Ballot Champion to defend his title against GM Sergio Scarpetta from Cerignola, Foggie Italy. Sergio has submitted a challenge to play GM Moisevey or the title holder in 2016.

Provided Alex wins, this should build his confidence and create enormous interest as this challenge would be the Italians’ attempt to hold all three English Checker World Titles.  Currently GM Sergio Scarpetta holds the GAYP World Title which he won from GM Ron “Suki” King in July 2014 and GM Michele Borghetti from Livorno, Italy holds the 3-Move World Title which he won from GM Alex Moisevey in July 2013.

This would be a much anticipated, exciting, and definitely a close World Title Match! 

But first, we need to raise enough money to pay for the essentials to hold this tournament.  I would like to at least match our 2013 11-Man WTM.

There has been an increased interest in 11-Man Ballot Tournaments in Europe and in the US in recent years.

Thank You!  JR Smith

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