2015 3-Move WTM (Borghetti vs Kondlo)  
Monday, August 31st through Sunday, September 13th 2015


The 3-Move World Title Match between GM Michele Borghetti and GM Lubabalo Kondlo will be held in Livorno, Italy on Monday, August 31st through Sunday, September 13th 2015.  Referee is Alan Millhone. 

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 The final score: Borghetti, 6-1 with 29 draws

GM Michele Borghetti 6 Wins, GM Lubabalo Kondlo 1 Win, and 29 Draws GM Michele Borghetti wins the match and defends his WCDF 3-Move Championship.
This best of 40 match went 36 games total. In standard point totals (2 for win, 1 for draw) it was: M. Borghetti 41 points, L. Kondlo 31 points.

ID 10003 12622
Games Played Before 230 138
Games Played After 248 156
Rating Before: 2288 2318
Rating After: 2286 2318

Special thanks to John Acker for posting all 36 games ( Aurora Borealis) at the below link!

http://www.procheckers.com/wc2015/   |  2015 3-Move WTM Borghetti v Kondlo pdn file

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