2015 National GAYP Bid for Venue

The following is a checklist of required and additional info that the bidder may wish to use to organize and to fully communicate the details of their bid.

Proposed Dates: Monday thru Saturday, July 27th thru August 1st, 2015
(Used to be typically Monday-Friday, except for 3-move National where masters finish on Saturday, if playing room is available.  However, reduced days have been used in recent years)

 Proposed National Tournament Name: 2015 - 20th GAYP National “IM John R. Webster GAYP National Tournament Honoree”   |  2000-2015 Tournament "Honoree" history

 Hotel and rates/accommodations (maybe mention whether complimentary breakfast and beverages for playing room are offered): Comfort Suites in Lebanon, 904 Murfreesboro Road, TN 37090 or Econo Lodge, 829 S. Cumberland St., Lebanon, TN, US, 37087 both available for lodging, giving players a choice of $70 or $50 + tax per night for king or doubles. Please call before July 12, 2015 for reservations. There are no guarantees the rates will apply or the rooms will be available after that date. The playing room is free provided a combined total (from both hotels) of 12 rooms are rented. Otherwise, there will be a daily fee. A continental breakfast is available at both locations; however, Comfort Suites has the larger playing room and more amenities. They have an impressive free complimentary hot/cold buffet breakfast in breakfast/lobby area from 6:00am until 9:00am Monday thru Friday / 7:00am until 10:00am Saturday & Sunday, extremely clean hotel, larger rooms, with more & nicer amenities. The family will enjoy the large indoor pool, hot tub, sauna, exercise room, and in generally a nicer vacation stay for mom & kids. There is free coffee, water, drinks, fruit & snacks in the playing room, as well as in the breakfast/lobby.

Playing Venue/playing room size; playing room charge: 28x56 = 1,568 sqft, which easily accommodates 72 players with 6 chairs to 3x12 foot table, (12 tables+) Playing Room included in 12 room rentals, see above. In addition to banquet/meeting room they also have an executive meeting room which will accommodate 10 more players.

Bid amount estimate (pending later donations):  $3,250.00 (this amount + has been pledged to date)

 Major Source(s) of bid money: Checker Tournament Players: Teal Stanley $100, JR Smith $100, John Webster $100, Albert Tucker $100, Lynn Steelman $100, Larry Pollard $100, Larry Michael $100, Ken Shultz $100, Dallas Ramsey $100, John Gibson $100,  Frank Davis $200, Ken Christian $100, Larry Keen $200, Jim Morrison $100, Ted Williamson $100, Harvey Kelley $200, NCCA $100, Hollis McClard $100, Shelby Mays, $100 possibly, MCA $100, George Stallsworth $100, Vonda Jones $50, Wilma Wolverton, $100, Jeff Webster $100, Joe McDaniel $500, Charles Walker $100, Richard Beckwith $150, Richard White $50, George Hay $25, Jeff Rollason $21, Arthur Mays $100, Anthony Bishop $100,


Proposed National Tournament Entry Fees: Minors (rated 0-1500) $35 in advance, $45 onsite at Tourney Registration, Majors (rated 1501-1900) $55 in advance, $65 onsite, Masters (rated 1901-2400) $90 in advance, $100 onsite | Majors pay ~60% of Masters fee and Minors pay ~40% | Estimated attendance: 15 Masters, 20 Majors, & 10 Minors = 45 | We will recognize ACF  Life-Time $500 Club Memberships as exempt of a National Tourney entrance fee, but highly encourage them to accept a $20 discount to promote this tournament with the largest possible Prize Fund. | Estimated Total Entry Fees: $1,275 + $1,100 + $360 = $2,735.00  | advance entry fees should be mailed to: NCCA, P.O. Box 39594, Greensboro, NC 27438-9594 before July 12, 2015. |  Ratings will be used as a guideline to place player in their appropriate division unless superseded by tournament director.

Separate youth tournament (optional)? None planned, because we know of no youth who wants to attend?(Sometimes held on preceding weekend) However, this can be amended if youth players are identified and want to attend a 2015 Youth GAYP National Tournament.

 Referee/Scorekeeper: Frank Davis, Tournament Director and Mary Davis, Scorekeeper We also have lined up Tim Laverty and John Acker (w/ChessArbiter Pro for draughts) if they are needed.

 Any complimentary rooms for referee/ACF Exec? None planned

 Airport info/transportation from airport to hotel: Nashville International Airport – 21 minutes/22 miles away or Lebanon Municipal Airport 5 minutes / 2 miles away from Comfort Suites, both have taxi and or shuttle available.

 Availability of nearby restaurants/shopping: RW’s Roadhouse,  Comfort Suites, O’Charley’s,  Chester’s Chicken,  Don Pauly’s Pizza Pasta,  Whips Snacks & Café&Café,  Sonic Drive-In, Across I-40: Econo Lodge, Toco Bell, Waffle House, Pizza Hut,  Logan’s Roadhouse,  Los Compadres Mexican Grill, Shoney’s, Arby’s, El Molino, Wendy’s, KFC, McDonald’s, Chick-fil-A, Subway, Hardee’s/Red Burrito, Legends Sports Grill, Maggie Moo’s, Demos Restaurant, Yummy Thai, CiCi’s Pizza, Sunset Restaurant, Zaxby’s, White Castle, Dollar Tree, Cracker Barrel, Gondola,  New China Restaurant, Daily Buffet & Grill, Tasti D-Lite, Walmart, Panda Express, Walgreens, Applebee’s, Starbucks, Jack in the Box, OfficeMax, Silverado’s East,  Ryan’s, Donut Palace, Logan’s Steakhouse, Whitt’s Barbecue, Taquiera El Rinconcito, Bangkok PadThai, Sushi Max, Sweet Thing Bakery, Burger King, Buckeye Drugs.  Ladies will enjoy: Lebanon Premium Outlets just behind Comfort Suites

 Nearby attractions for participants (optional): 30min/30miles from Lebanon to Nashville: The Grand Ole Opry, Sommet Center / Bridgestone Arena, Nashville Convention Center, Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, University Medical Center, Opryland Hotel Indoor Garden and Collections, The Hermitage - Home of President Andrew Jackson,  Lebanon - Wynnewood State Historic Area, 30min/20miles

 10 Interesting and fun things to do in Lebanon, TN: (Ladies may group plan their activities)

1. Cedars of Lebanon State Park  8.1 miles / 14 minutes from Comfort Suites

2. Providence Marketplace -Mt Juliet , largest open-air & shopping centre in Middle TN between Nashville and Knoxville, 12.5 miles / 14min   

3. Lebanon Premium Outlets – just behind Comfort Suites, 0.3 miles/6minutes walking distance

4. Cumberland River Cruises and dine at Cherokee Steakhouse & Marina ($20 per person, but use a BOGO coupon (there's one in the Entertainment Book for Nashville) 17.3 miles / 33 minutes  

5. Lebanon Museum & History Center, 200 Castle Heights Ave N, Lebanon, TN 37087 Phone: 615-443-2839  free admission 3.5 miles / 8 minutes   

6. Fiddlers Grove Historic Village, 945 Baddour Pkwy. Lebanon, TN 37087 Phone: 615-443-2626 3 miles / 4 minutes   

7. Wilson County Museum, 236 W. Main St. Lebanon, TN 37087 2.3 miles / 5 minutes   

8. Two Flea Markets, one North and the other South of Comfort Suites - Big D's Flea Market, 214 McCown Dr, Lebanon, TN 37087 | 615-505-8815 10 minutes / 5.2 miles North and Parkland Flea Market & Restaurant, 4994 Murfreesboro Rd, Lebanon, TN 37090 | 615-449-6050  9 minutes / 6.2 miles South of Comfort Suites.

9. Antique Shopping in all 3 towns in Wilson County: Lebanon, Mt. Juliet, and Watertown

10. Seller’s Farm – Sellars Farm State Archaeological Area, Poplar Hill Road, Lebanon, TN 37087 Phone: 615-885-2422, 4.2 miles / 6 minutes. During the Mississippian Period of Native American habitation  in TN, the Cumberland River Valley became the site of a cluster of fortified towns which the inhabitants built mounds (900AD - 1500AD). Most have been destroyed but there are three now protected by government ownership, including this one and the Pinson Mounds (1000BC - 900AD) in Madison Co. and at Harpeth River in Cheatham County.

Note: Comfort Suites on 904 Murfreesboro Road. We actually voted in the past on whether to move to Comfort or stay with Best Value Americania for our TN Open venue because it was nicer and offered a larger playing room. It cost more and we were afraid we could not meet their 30 room rental agreement. This is the ideal venue because the location is nearest where most of our tournament players live. Frank has already contracted with Comfort Suites - Lebanon to hold our 2015 TN State and the 2015 Southern there. The $70 room price includes the playing room if we book 12 rooms by their deadline before the tournament date. This is a nice place with all the amenities!  You actually have a choice if you want to stay at Comfort Suites or across I-40 at Econo Lodge for $50, we still get credit.  Both hotels are owned by the same person and both are equally nice but Comfort has the nicest meeting room and amenities. Nobody has a deal like this, which offers this quality of venue at this price that includes a large meeting room, and a centralized location. Both hotels have undergone recent renovations and improvements. All we need to do is get the word out that Checkers has the ideal Tournament Venue for a NATIONAL!  Submitted by Frank Davis December 8th, 2014 via postal mail to Alan Millhone, PO Box 1, Belpre, OH 45714

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