Richard Beckwith responds to National GAYP Tournament Schedule requested by director/organizers:

Frank & J.R.,

A number of thoughts come to mind, and I'm not sure how much is set in stone.  Overall, I think "traditional" schedule is theoretically good.  Back in 2011, we advertised 13 rounds, but turnout was low, and some players didn't want to pay hotel for that many days, so we voted to reduce the number of rounds/days.  (It wasn't clear whether vote was a one-time thing or not), (2011 GAYP National Results).  In 2013, John Acker stretched out event back to 6 days (just 2 rounds a day max) because he made promise to hotel to sell so many nights. (2013 GAYP National Results)

"13 rounds" is great if we have 13-14 players in a group (perfect round-robin), or if you have 20+ players, but these numbers have become an increasing challenge.

The 2011 event had 10 rounds + playoff round (4 days), with 10 masters, 9 Majors, and 4 Minors.  (Plus a blitz event.) (2011 Blitz GAYP National Results)

The 2013 event had 10 rounds, with 12 masters and 14 Majors/Minors combined (2 of who dropped out after 1 round) (2013 GAYP National Results)

You speak of a 3rd Minors division, but we haven't had enough Minors in recent years, sad to say.  They could get combined with Majors last minute, but there are a couple Minor players (historically) that get upset when they have had to "play up," so it's hard to please everyone.

Anyway, there may be challenges trying to get the number of rounds right given the mornings' attendance (13 round may be too many), but I note you included wording to allow for this. 

On time controls, unless there was a change I didn't know about, we used in past nationals: 

Each player shall be required to make 30 moves in the first hour recorded by the clock and 15 moves each successive half-hour thereafter. 

This might also speed things up for days where there are 3 master rounds.
There is a lengthy rules document (Roger Doll upgraded it last year) where these details can go in.  This document (according to its own rules) should be in place by April or so.  This isn't necessarily your final responsibility -- I've done it in past years when I was in Player Rep, and am probably still most familiar with it.
I appreciate seeing Dr. John Webster being honored.


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