The 20th GAYP National Checker Tournament 

IM Dr John Webster 2012 TN.jpg (175591 bytes)
“IM John R. Webster GAYP National Tournament Honoree”

July 27th -
July 30th 2015
Comfort Suites in Lebanon, TN 37087

Minors (rated 0-1600) $20, Majors (rated 1700 -1899) $20, Masters (rated 1900 +) $30.

We are excited and a lot of effort and thought continues to be invested.  A definitely good crowd of players will be at the National because we recently, like last Wednesday, 5/26/2015 had to get Connie Bullington, Marketing Manager to add 10 more rooms to the Comfort Suites Checker Reserved Rooms Inventory. This means at least 20 will be there.  We expect 35 - 40. 

BTW (5/26/2015), Frank Davis, Albert Tucker, Larry Keen, Larry Pollard, Jim Morrison, John Webster, and myself + others have recently been talking about the tournament format,  We are discussing shorting the ty, start times, cutting time of rounds & number of rounds and fitting it to an ideal schedule that will satisfy the majority of players, also deciding on a fair entry fees, etc. We have reviewed the past years of GAYP Nationals and what worked best and considering what is ideal for all divisions. All this will be review by Frank at the opening business meeting and depends on attendance. This should have been done before we published the tournament, but it's better late than never, and the basic format I published for the bid will be modified.  We intend get a this final format out to potential attendees closely after the Southern Ty.

It's official, we have decided on a 2015 GAYP National Tournament format and playing schedule.  The new 2015 GAYP National Tournament format was voted on at the Southern Open (Schedule).  The majority of players wanted a 4 day tournament Monday through Thursday. Masters, Majors & Minors will play 2 1/2 hour rounds as: 2+3+3+2. Rules of play and paring/scoring the tournament in general is pattered after the Tennessee Open which seems to be a proven format and a functionally well run event. Also emphasized at this meeting was reserving your rooms at Econo or Comfort by the July 11th dead line to get the checker room rate discount.  If you made reservations prior to this new schedule you should call and modify you hotel arrangements.  Connie Bullington, GMgr/Marketing Sales Director is aware of this and "oked" our playing room on current booked rooms at both locations.  


Player- City, State



Entry Fee

1  George Stallsworth, Saint Joseph, MO 1659 Majors


2  J.R. Smith, Greensboro, NC 1546 Majors $20.00
3  Teal Stanley , Greensboro, NC 2027 Masters $30.00


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