2015 Virginia Open  
(usually scheduled 3rd weekend in September)

The Old Dominion Checker Association
The 98th Annual Virginia Open Checker Tournament
 Friday & Saturday, September 18th & 19th 2015
Econo Lodge Hotel, 2133 Hanford Rd, Burlington, NC 27215 | (336) 227-1270  ( map ) | We play in Conference Room 247

Registration will be handled in the playing room on Friday morning between 8:00 - 9:00 AM. A short business meeting is scheduled following registration. Play begins 10:00 AM Friday. The entry fee is $20.00.  Any contributions to support the tournament or prize fund will be appreciated.

As in the past, the tournament will be played under 3-Move, using the Swiss System of scoring with only one re-pair if necessary. There will be 8 rounds at 2 games per round - 1 hour games. We will play 4 rounds Friday of 2 hours per round - 1 round before lunch and break for a 1 hour lunch at 12:00 - various restaurants close by.  Then 3 rounds afterwards, an early start of 8AM for 4 rounds Saturday - 2 rounds before lunch then break for a 1 hour lunch, and 2 afterwards, hopefully finished by 5PM permitting adequate travel time back home.

We have negotiated special checker players' rates of $54.99 + tax ($60.35) for king or doubles so let the receptionist know you are a checker player.

Buck Smith continue the ODCA tradition.  This is the 98th continuous Annual Virginia Checker Tournament. 

For further information, telephone Buck Smith - President of ODCA at 540-997-0332  email: BUCKandBJ@aol.com or Ryan Pronk, Vice President, 480-262-0037 Ryan.Pronk@gmail.com  or Travis Weddle, Secretary/Treasurer, cell: 540-797-5213  tdub84@gmail.com | Americantowns

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