Joe McDaniel's 2017 11-Man Ballot National Open Invitation Letter:


“The Seres Checker Classic”

$20,000 Prize Money

Dear Checker Player


This is your personal invitation to participate in the 2017 ACF National 11-Man Checker tournament on March 28, 29, 30 and 31 in Branson, Missouri. The 99% Crossboard, 11-Man Ballot is the purest form of Checkers. This will be a four-day event. Majors and Minors will play ten rounds (20 games).  Two rounds will be played on Tuesday, March 28, three rounds on Wednesday, March 29, three rounds on Thursday, March 30 and two rounds on Friday, March 31.  Masters will play twelve rounds (24 games) or 3 rounds per day Tuesday through Friday.  The awards ceremonies will be after the final round.  The entry fee is $20 with ACF membership.


The site of the tournament will be the Honeysuckle Inn, 3598 Shepherd of the Hills Expressway, 65616, in the heart of Branson.  The phone number is (888) 561-3945. Please make your reservations now.  It is important that you do this as early as possible.  The rate is $59.95 per night.


There are several other motels in the area including the Willow Tree Inn across the street.  (877) 922-6766.


We will provide shuttle from the Springfield airport to the motel. Let us know if you need this service.


There will be a social period on Monday, March 27 from 1 p.m. until 9 p.m.  You may register for the tournament then or the next morning before the first round.  Play will begin each day at 8:30 a. m.  The social hour will also give you an opportunity to meet the tournament directors and sponsors and also play a few friendly games.  Please plan to come early. 


We will provide lunch each day for all participants.


Branson is a vacation paradise with over 75 shows plus Silver Dollar City, Whitewater, the Branson Scenic Railway and more. You and your friends and family can enjoy many of the attractions in addition to playing Checkers. There are many restaurants and shops within one mile of the motel. IHOP, Olive Garden, Golden Corral, Red Lobster, Cracker Barrel, Taco Bell and McFarlain's are fewer than five minutes walking distance.  The IMAX Theater is next door. The World of Checkers museum is a short distance.


There will be at least $20,000 in prize money... the largest fund ever for a national tournament!  This money will be divided among the top players in three categories: Masters $11,560, Majors $5,480 and Minors $2,960. This event being sponsored by David Seres of Newport Beach, California, Dr. Ken Seres of Edmond, Oklahoma, and Jeannie and Joe McDaniel of Tulsa, Oklahoma.


If you wish  to help with the prize fund, send your contribution to: 1416 S. Marion Ave., Tulsa, OK 74112.

Make checks payable to Joe McDaniel.


Hope to see you in Branson.  Contact us if you have any questions.



Jeannie and Joe McDaniel

1416 S. Marion Ave.

Tulsa, OK 74112-5923

(918) 633-1510




Master Record Games & Agreed Draw Rule:



Players agreeing to a draw without actually playing the game or round will be considered withdrawn from the tournament with no points or prize money.

Every round and every game regardless of the score must be played in its entirety. 

Please review ACF Rules for National Tournaments.  Our 2017 ACF 11-Man Ballot National Director/Referee will enforce these rules. Master Players should particularly review rules XII and XILV-I-B which will be enforced at this tournament.  XII is recording of the games and XIV-I-B is stating no points for agreed draws.  (No money either)


XII. Recording of Games

Each Master Player in each match has an obligation to turn in a legible copy of the games before the next round begins.  That is, both copies, one from each player, are necessary to permit crosschecking for recording errors.  Each player shall be responsible for verifying that the games and score for each round are turned in to the Referee, or prize money may become forfeited. Major and Minor players are not required to record their games, but are encouraged to do so.

XIV. Prize Fund Distribution

I. Number of Rounds and Games per Round

B.     All matches must be played to a decision.  NO AGREED-UPON RESULTS ARE PERMITTED.  Both players who are party to any such agreement shall receive zero (0) Match Points for that round.



Prize Fund Distribution:


 “The Seres Checker Classic”
$20,000 Prize Money


                             MASTERS                           MAJORS                               MINORS           

                      $2500                                    $1200                                       $550

                      1800                                         900                                         450

                      1080                                         515                                         375

                        800                                         400                                         300

                        700                                         300                                         250

                        600                                         250                                         225

                        500                                         235                                         200

                        430                                         230                                         175

                        370                                         220                                         150

                        320                                         210                                         115

                        300                                         200                                           90

                        270                                         170                                           80

                        240                                         150                                           70

                        220                                         150                                           60

                        210                                         130                                           60

                        190                                         120                                           50

                        180                                         100                                           50







                       $11,560                               $5,480                                       $2,960


Approximate prize money distribution.  Subject to change based on the number of participants.



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