2007 Kentucky Title Match


2007 Kentucky Title Championship Match - (Michael Holmes vs Jonathon Chappell) 
This Championship Match
was an exciting and even contest, played in Louisville, KY over a course of several months, resulting: 3W-3L-16D which was not enough to dethrone Chappell.  Michael Holmes of Fort Knox, KY the challenger and Jonathon Chappell of Tyner, the KY State Champion.  Jonathon Chappell retains his Kentucky Match Title Championship which he won last year from Holmes, and he also won the Kentucky State Championship last October. 

Michael Holmes defeated Chappell 6W-4L-9D in 2005, their first State Title Match. These are newer titles allowed and sanctioned by ACF from the efforts of our ACF Player's Representative, Mr. Richard Beckwith.  State Match Titles were popular in the 70's and published in the ACFB.  (Read)

Michael Homes the challenger reported the following results as: Michael Holmes and Jonathon Chappell tied for the 2007 Kentucky Match Title.  "We agreed to play a 20-game match if someone was winning at that point or until someone was ahead at the end of an opening.   At the end of 21 games and the match was even we called the 22nd game a draw and the match a tie!  Mr. Chappell came from behind and tied the match.  At 12:30 in the morning, this last Thursday (May 31st) we decided to just call it a drawn match.  We had two exciting 3 hour games during this match.  We had three wins each."

Richard Beckwith submitted this by email  6/4/07

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